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Good News! Expatriates Get Master Degree in China Can Work in China at Once!  Please find the related policy in "Info.& Resources"

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Renew Date Age Gender Nationality Current Residence View
2017-2-27 23 Male France France
2017-2-27 37 Male Poland Beijing
2017-2-27 28 Male Bolivia Beijing
2017-2-27 39 Female Malaysia Taiwan
2017-2-27 23 Male Morocco Morocco
2017-2-27 25 Male South Korea USA
2017-2-26 36 Male Albania Albania
2017-2-26 33 Male Egypt Guangzhou
2017-2-26 25 Female Morocco Beijing
2017-2-26 53 Male Malaysia Malaysia
2017-2-25 30 Female China Malaysia
2017-2-25 26 Female Indonesia Indonesia
2017-2-25 32 Female Malaysia Malaysia
2017-2-24 31 Male Germany Germany
2017-2-24 30 Male India Shenzhen
2017-2-24 24 Male India India
2017-2-23 33 Male Czech Republic Czech Republic
2017-2-23 24 Male Iraq Iraq
2017-2-23 28 Male Russia Guangzhou
2017-2-23 26 Female Malaysia Malaysia
2017-2-22 31 Male Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
2017-2-22 46 Male South Korea South Korea
2017-2-22 30 Female Thailand Other City
2017-2-22 28 Male India Beijing
2017-2-22 31 Male Nigeria Ningbo
Business Devel...
English Teacher
You Fu Service group
Japanese Sales...
Shenzhen CKTC Technology Co., Ltd
Europe Sales M...
A very well-known multinational corporation
Thai Translato...
FD Design
Architecture D...
China Electronics P&C Technology Corporation
Japan Market M...
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Technical Engineer - Petrochemical Equipment I... Shanghai 02/27
Quality Management Director- Petrochemical Equ... Shanghai 02/27
Assistant to General Manager- Need Young Japan... Beijing 02/27
Japanese Sales Director Suzhou 02/27
Assistant Manager Needed in Mulhouse France Overseas 02/27
Business Development Specialist (Needed in Bei... Beijing 02/27
(STEM Education) Teacher Needed in Beijing Beijing 02/27
オペレーター Beijing 02/27
Customers service Beijing 02/27
German Sales Manager Shanghai 02/27
Public Relation Planning- 公关策划 Shanghai 02/27
Japanese Sales Manager Shanghai 02/27
Vietnamese Sales Manager Shanghai 02/27
ESL/Academy Beijing 02/27
English teacher Beijing 02/27
International trade salesman Shenzhen 02/27
Business Development Sales Director Shanghai 02/27
Full-time English Teacher Changsha 02/27
Architect/Designer Guiyang 02/27
Sports Coach Shanghai 02/24
ESL Teacher外教 Quanzhou 02/24
Gift & Decoration Designer Needed in China Taizhou(Zhejiang) 02/24
Expatriates get master degree in China can wor... In China 01/20
好消息!在华取得硕士学位的外国人可以留华工作! In China 01/18
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