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CV No. Nationality Gender Age Native Language Chinese Level Current Residence View
16559 Singapore Male 32 English Advanced Speaker Singapore
17094 Pakistan Male 28 Urdu Basic Conversation Xiamen
17093 France Male 26 French Basic Conversation United Arab Emirates
17092 Italy Female 29 Italian Advanced Speaker Hangzhou
17091 Canada Male 45 Chinese(Mandarin) Native Level Canada
17089 USA Male 37 English Conversational Level Shenzhen
17087 Russia Female 25 Russian Conversational Level Beijing
17084 Pakistan Male 24 Urdu Advanced Speaker Suzhou
17083 Pakistan Male 28 Urdu Conversational Level Xiamen
17078 Singapore Male 49 English Advanced Speaker Singapore
17075 Ukraine Female 24 Ukranian Conversational Level Lanzhou
17073 Pakistan Male 31 Urdu Greeting Only Shanghai
17072 Russia Male 24 Russian I Can't Speak Other City
17071 Bangladesh Male 22 Bengali Conversational Level Hangzhou
17070 USA Male 43 English Greeting Only Shanghai
17068 Pakistan Male 27 Urdu I Can't Speak Pakistan
17065 India Female 38 English Basic Conversation India
17063 India Male 40 Hindi Greeting Only In China
17059 Libya Male 32 Arabic Greeting Only Libya
17056 Malaysia Male 34 Chinese(Mandarin) Advanced Speaker Malaysia
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