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Jobseeker Resume
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Candidate from
Update: 2016-6-25
CV No.: 13905

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4 year(s) of work experience
25 years old
Nationality: Netherlands
Native Language: Dutch, English
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Current Residence: Shenzhen
Chinese Level: Greeting Only
Salary: Negotiable
Preferred Work Place: Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Have Experience in Industry & Field: 
Automotive -- 15 months, Business Services -- 23 months, Data Services -- 20 months, E-commerce -- 5 months, Electronics/Electrical Equip -- 5 months, Industrial/Farm Equipment -- 22 months, Legal Services -- 5 months, Marketing -- 13 months, Sales -- 5 months, Wholesaler -- 5 months
Other Information: 
Desired Industry: Business Services, Marketing, Sales
Desired Job Type: Full Time
Education: Masters
Graduate Institutions: (Visible to our employer members)
Major: Business studies, Management
I want to say to the employers: 
Ambitious graduate looking for a job in China. Over six years of international work and study experience in the Netherlands, Finland, Romania, and China. Interested in an international position related to Marketing, Sales, Management or Business Development.
Work Experience: 
Job Title: Business Development Specialist
Company: Power-Packer Europa Bv.
Time Period: 5 months
Country: The Netherlands
Responsibilities: During my time at Power-Packer I have been actively working in their Business Development and Global Marketing department. My main task was to find new possible international markets for Power-Packer to enter, analyze its feasibility, and helping the company with it's market entry strategy and internationalization process.

Furthermore, a second main task during my time at Power-Packer was to perform a study on how to improve the company's internal and external management with respect to value co-creation. The results of this study show, inter alia, how a company can improve its customer relations and value co-creation process among its own internal departments and with its customers and suppliers.

Finally I was responsible for certain other smaller marketing related tasks such as online marketing, trade shows, and internal communcations.

Job Title: International Sales Coordinator
Company: Beijing Biilii Trade Co. (Panda Army Office)
Time Period: 5 months
Country: China
Responsibilities: While working for Panda Army I was actively involved with their international sales and marketing activities. As an international sales coordinator I was in charge of the account management of current customers at the Dutch, German, and Belgian markets. Furthermore it was my task to develop the company's presence on these markets by finding new potential customers through online sales and online marketing activities.

Job Title: Researcher
Company: Saxion University of Applied Sciences. (In cooperation with the European Commission)
Time Period: 6 months
Country: Netherlands / Romania
Responsibilities: During this study I have actively worked on a project commissioned by the European Union focussing upon import corruption in Romania.

Romania is considered as one of the most corrupted countries in the European Union while there are other countries, such as Finland, that are considered to be nearly corruption free. The European Commission wanted me to perform a study on how companies from a country such as Finland can do efficient business in Romania without participating in its corrupt environment and breaking international public and private law.

Throughout the study different high managers from both large Finnish and Romanian companies have been interviewed. Furthermore, public players have been interviewed such as the ambassador of Finland in Romania and the head of Finpro, a Finnish organization promoting Finnish business activities abroad.

Job Title: Business Development Specialist.
Company: Laturi Corporation
Time Period: 7 months
Country: Finland
Responsibilities: During my time at Laturi Corporation the company was still a start-up in its begining stages. Although active on the Finnish market it was actively trying to penetrate different foreign markets.

Personally I was active in Laturi's international business development department analyzing the company's possibilities within the Dutch market. This has been done by performing a market feasibility study, analyzing the feasibility of the Dutch market and providing advice to Laturi on market entry strategies and its internationalization process towards the Netherlands.

Job Title: Global Marketing Trainee
Company: Polar Electro
Time Period: 3 months
Country: Finland
Responsibilities: Polar Electro Oy is a Finnish company and a market leader in producing heart rate monitors for both professional athletes and regular sport people alike.

During my time at the company I have been working within their Global Marketing department and took care of different marketing activities. These activities included, inter alia, the planning of trade shows, event management, design and production of marketing materials, and online marketing activities through social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Job Title: International Tutor
Company: OAMK
Time Period: 10 months
Country: Finland
Responsibilities: While studying in Finland I working for the university as an international student guide. My main tasks included guiding newly arrived international students by introducing them to the university's facilities. Furthermore it was my task to support the students with public matters such as the residence registration, banking and insurance matters, and housing issues. Finally one of my main responsibilities was to ensure that the students would effectively adjust to European customs and culture to make sure that they will feel at home and have a pleasant stay in Finland.

Education Information: 
Oulu Business School (Finland), Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Major: International Business Management. (2014 - 2016)

Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), Bachelor of Business Administration, Major: Management, Economics, and Law. (2013 - 2014)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Bachelor of Business Administration, Major: International Business (2010 - 2013)

OSG Montessori Hengelo (The Netherlands), Highschool Degree in Economics and Civics. (2004 - 2010)
Training Experience: 

Hobbies: Bicycling, Business, Camping, Computers, Cooking, Dining Out, Hiking, Jogging, Reading, Skiing, Swimming, Travelling, Other
Height: 190 cm
Weight:  kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: ----
Astrological Sign: ----
Address: Unit 303, Longhe Building, No.78, Anwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011 China
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