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Jobseeker Resume
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Candidate from
Update: 2016-3-14
CV No.: 14178

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2 year(s) of work experience
28 years old
Nationality: Russia
Native Language: Russian
Country of Birth: USA
Current Residence: Beijing
Chinese Level: Advanced Speaker
Salary: Negotiable
Preferred Work Place: 
Have Experience in Industry & Field: 
Finance & Investment -- 6 months, Marketing -- 18 months, Travel/Tourism -- 3 months
Other Information: 
Desired Industry: Finance & Investment, Financial Services, Securities
Desired Job Type: Full Time
Education: Masters
Graduate Institutions: (Visible to our employer members)
Major: Accountancy, Economics
I want to say to the employers: 
Qualities: responsible, success/results driven, attentive to details, strong analytical/communication skills
Work Experience: 
1)Deutsche Boerse Project Assistant BEIJING, CHINA 04.2015-11.2015
-Assisting the team in completing projects related to China-German cooperation
-CEIE (China Europe International Exchange) project between Deutsche Boerse and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) for a multi-asset RMB platform in Frankfurt
-Listing of Chinese companies in Germany
-Financial statement analysis, financial performance assessment of the company in the period 2010 to 2015
-Assisting in writing the report “Performance comparison – Deutsche Boerse, NASDAQ, LSE and HKEx”
-Deutsche Boerse China website design, editing products/financial services information to Chinese market
2)Petpal Pet Nutrition Technology Project Assistant MOSCOW,RUSSIA/WENZHOU,CHINA 01.2015-03.2015
-Comparing peculiarities and differences between Chinese and Russian pet food markets in 2010-2014
-Assisting in analyzing pet food industry markets of Moscow, Moscow region, Rostov region in Russia
-Analyzing investment environment in Russia and other countries of Eurasian Economic Union, assisting the manager in planning future international investment strategies
3)RusMedia LLC Project Assistant ROSTOV-ON-DON, RUSSIA 02.2008-06.2009
-Analyzing performance of RusMedia LLC in the period 1999 to 2009
-Assisting in cooperation with Chinese partners (negotiations over trade terms etc)
-During this period the company signed 6 new contracts and significantly improved its performance
4)Orthodox LLC Guide-interpreter MOSCOW, RUSSIA 07.2007-09.2007
Organizing travel arrangements around Russia, taking foreign tourists on excursions

1)德意志交易所北京代表处 项目助理 中国,北京 2015.04-2015.11
•协助团队执行中德合作项目CEIE(China Europe International Exchange)项目——德意志交易所、中国金融期货交易所、上海交易所在法兰克福共同建设离岸人民币金融工具交易平台合作项目
2)佩蒂动物营养科技股份有限公司 项目助理 俄罗斯,莫斯科/中国,温州 2015.01-2015.03
3)RusMedia 有限责任公司 项目助理 俄罗斯,罗斯托夫 2008.02-2009.06
•分析RusMedia 有限责任公司1999-2009年业绩,了解公司结构,学习公司运作方式
4)Orthodox旅游公司 导游 俄罗斯,莫斯科 2007.07-2007.09
Education Information: 
1)PEKING UNIVERSITY Master’s Degree BEIJING, CHINA 09.2014-07.2016
GPA 3.6/4.0, core curriculum-Financial Risk Management, Analysis of Financial Statements, M&A etc
2)LANZHOU UNIVERSITY Bachelor’s Degree LANZHOU, CHINA 09.2010-07.2014
GPA 3.9/4.0, core curriculum-International Trade Affairs, Corporate Finance Management, Accounting etc
3)RSUE “RINKH “ Bachelor’s Degree ROSTOV-ON-DON, RUSSIA 09.2006-07.2011
GPA 5.0/5.0, core curriculum-International Economics, Micro&Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy etc

 Peking University Scholarship for Outstanding Foreign Students 11.2015
 Chinese Government Scholarship (Full Scholarship) Peking University 07.2014-07.2016
 Chinese Government Scholarship (Full Scholarship) Lanzhou University 07.2010-07.2014
 Russian Government Scholarship (Special Prize) 02.2007-06.2011
 Published paper –"Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Russia-Analysis" 06.2015
 “New Silk Road Economic Zone Strategy Analysis” Project 11.2013-05.2014
 Regional Academic Conference (First Place/Second Place/First Place) 11.2008/11.2007/11.2006
 “Young Tour Guides’ Contest” (in English language) (First Place) 05.2006
 Regional &All-Russia English Language Olympiads (First Place & Second Place) 03.2006-04.2006
 Regional German Language Olympiad (First Place) 04.2005

1)北京大学经济学院金融系 硕士学位 中国,北京 2014.09 -2016.07
•GPA 3.6/4.0、核心课程-金融风险管理,财务报表分析,公司重组与并购等
2)兰州大学经济学院国际经济与贸易系 学士学位 中国,兰州 2010.09 -2014.07
•GPA 3.9/4.0,核心课程-国际贸易实务,公司财务管理,货币银行学,会计学等
3)罗斯托夫国立经济大学经济学系 学士学位 俄罗斯,罗斯托夫 2006.09 -2011.07
•GPA 5.0/5.0,核心课程-国际经济学,微观经济学,宏观经济学,中国经济地理等

•北京大学优秀留学生奖学金 2015.11
•中国政府奖学金 (全奖) 北京大学 2014.07-2016.07
•中国政府奖学金 (全奖) 兰州大学 2010.07-2014.07
•俄罗斯政府奖学金(特等奖) 2007.02-2011.06
•所发表的文章-《俄罗斯与亚投行-战略分析》/《第一财经日报》,上海 2015.06
•“新丝绸之路经济带战略研究”项目 2013.11-2014.05
•区域性学术讨论会 一等奖/二等奖/一等奖 2008.11/2007.11/2006.11
•青年导游大赛(英语) 一等奖 2006.05
•英语奥林匹克比赛(州级) 一等奖、(国家级)二等奖 2006.03-2006.04
•德语奥林匹克比赛 (州级) 一等奖 2005.04

Training Experience: 
-Language command:
English (Fluent, TOEFL 117/120, GRE 322/340) German (Intermediate)
Chinese (Fluent, HSK 6 (Advanced) 248/300) Russian (Native)
-IT Skills: WORD, PPT, EXCEL, EViews8.0, financial software (Wind etc)

英语(托福117/120,GRE 322/340)
汉语(HSK高级 248/300)
•IT技能 熟练掌握微软WORD,PPT,EXCEL;EViews8.0;金融行业软件(万得)等办公软件的操作
Hobbies: Business, Jogging, Music
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Aries
Address: Unit 303, Longhe Building, No.78, Anwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011 China
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