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Jobseeker Resume
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Update: 2016-3-15
CV No.: 14186

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8 year(s) of work experience
35 years old
Nationality: Canada
Native Language: French
Country of Birth: Canada
Current Residence: Afghanistan
Chinese Level: I Can't Speak
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 25,000
Preferred Work Place: 
Have Experience in Industry & Field: 
Other Information: 
Desired Industry: Film/TV/Multimedia
Desired Job Type: Full Time
Education: High School
Graduate Institutions: (Visible to our employer members)
Major: Art and design
I want to say to the employers: 
Fully bilingual, experienced in translation.
Work Experience: 
My name is François Grenier, film director/camera person/editor/writer. I’ve been, since 2006, working as a freelance in managing, planning and logistics, documentary film and photo, corporate video, web content and translation; which all require creative process, great writing talent, excellent camera skills, quick editing capacity and respect of deadlines, schedule and budget.

My last major contract was as a full-time Tour Manager for a company called MRA which specialized in travelling exhibits across North America. I was in charge of the It’s an Honour! A Cross-Canada Travelling Exhibit. For two years, this unique concept blending history and technology traveled Canada, showcasing Honours, medals and awards handed out by His Excellency, the Governor General. Therefore demanding a reliable individual capable of filling the following roles on the road:

-Proofreading French translation demands by co-workers.

-Supplying artistic photography of scenery, wildlife and visitors for Governor General’s website and social media. Including French and English captions of photos.

-Tweets and posts on social media, French and English.

-Liaison with Detroit/Toronto Headquarters.

-Building a Youtube channel and producing video content in French and English (filming, editing, subtitles).

-As guide of the exhibit, speak and write Canada’s official languages, French and English, to a perfection in order to respect the client’s demands.

- Write a 10 minutes tour that will get approval from Rideau Hall (Governor General’s office) to be presented to schools visiting the exhibit.

-Give interviews to national and local TV, radio and newspapers.

-Book lodging for staff on tour.

-Scouting, set up and tear down of the exhibit.

-Touching base with location’s contact person.

-Greeting properly recipients of Honours at the exhibit, take their photo in a professional portrait setting.

-Bi-weekly event recaps (number of visitors, weather, notable guests, media archives, technical issues, etc.)

-Provide a weekly expense report of credits cards, petty cash and Corporate Lodging.

-Inventory of free merchandise on board.

-Research on Canadian history and recipients.

-Post Office runs, rental cars.

It ended in September 2015. Since then I’ve been back to freelance full-time, notably in logistics for an American crew from New-York filming in Quebec. I would like to pursue my hot streak as a productive worker.

Not to mention many docs directed and filmed, I've been editing on Final Cut Pro for over 10 years with my own material. I worked as a soundman, translator and production-assistant before making my own concepts and products. I lived in NYC in 2006-2007, pursuing several internships who later became returning freelance employers.

On a plus, I don’t mind extra hours, I perform in stress situations and I’m a real team player, always up to the test and big projects.

For more information, read the following resume.

Sincerly, F.G.


Phone: 1-418-473-7354











INTERVIEW: IsubuYvPA&index=8&feature=plcp





2015-Quebec City’s Young Bar Association. 8 corporate videos on Small Claims Court. Filming, editing, writing, Youtube Channel.

2015-Feline Cafe. Filming, editing corporate video.

2015–Foam Run 5KM, Quebec City edition. Photographer.

-2015-247Laundry (New York). LG USA commercial. Planning and logistics in Quebec. City and federal shooting permits. Catering. Wardrobe and props shopping. Rentals. Expense Report. Airport pick-up.

-2013-2015. MRA, Tour Manager.

-2014. Harley-Davidson Premont. TV and web spots. Editing, supervising voice-over.

-2013-Oxford Analytica, convention at Omni Hotel Montreal, photographer.

-2013-Translation and timecodes, English to French, Highland Media, Countdown to UFC 165, 60 minutes.

-2013-Translation and timecodes, English to French, Highland Media, Rebirth New Orleans , 60 minutes.

-2013-Company Cue. Creative writing and translation from English to French-Canadian, programs descriptions in tv guides.

-2013- Music Group "Natural Born Tellers", photo, video, post-prod of backstage segments,
interviews and live performance.

-2013. Oxford Analytica. Scouting, filming conference, photoshoot in NYC, FCP editing, Photoshop, VHS transfer.

-2013-Edelman Group Montreal. Shell. Photograph.

-2013-Part 2 Pictures. Recruiting foreign staff, writing timecodes and supervising Hindi to English translation on documentaries interviews.

-2013-Part 2 pictures. "Off the hook-Extreme catches". Animal Planet. Driver, translator, food.

-2013-Atlas Media, camera, Africa world cup in Montreal, Arriadya (Morocco).

-2012-2013- 4 Citizens (NYC). Research, scouting, interviewer, camera person, "Marocains d'Amérique", 2M.

-2012- First Nations music show Limoi-l'Innu . Camera operator.

-2012- Printroom. Blissdom Convention in Toronto. Photographer, templates, uploads on

-2012-Namaste Gunshot. Nepal documentary. Camera, editing.

-2012- Printroom, inc. Photographer, Cirque du Soleil's Ama Luna, Quebec City edition.

-2012-St-Laurent Enterprises. Construction and roofing videos. Filming and editing.

-2012- Part 2 Pictures (NYC). Recruiting foreign staff, writing timecodes and supervising Russian, Urdu and Brazilian Portuguese to English translation on documentaries interviews.

-2012-Web content translation. 1500 movie titles from English to French.

-2012- Extreme Sports film DROP. 2nd camera, pa, driver, translator for U.S. crew.

-2012-Bell Alliance. 2012 Police Congress in Quebec city. 2nd camera, translation, driver.

-2012-Finitec. Corporate "how to" clip. Directing, camera, editing. French and English versions.

-2012-Laval University, Theater department. Steady cam, Jib cam.

-2012-Random hockey show. Quebec City edition. Dangle media. Director, camera,
translation, driver.

-2012-Construction Congress at Fairmount Château Frontenac (CEGP). Producer, director of team and camera operator for filming.

-2012- Maison Agape (food bank). Interviews with main sponsors. Directing, camera, editing. -2012-AP Industries. Nightstand collections video for showroom. Camera, editing.

-2011-Mainstreet Production. Supervising of publicity campaign with signwalkers.

-2011-Pompage Provincial. Heavy machinery video content. Camera, editing.

-2011-Harley-Davidson Premont. First day of construction. Camera, editing.

-2011- Connexence. Filming conferences. Camera, editing.

-2011-AP Industries/Automatech, robotic arm video. Camera, editing. -2011- World Wildlife Fund. Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Camera.

-2011-Coca-cola "Smile Back" tour. Directing, Filming.

-2011-Welcome to Harlem the movie, "making of", filming and editing. Interviews and behind the scene. Blackman block prods.

-2011-Harlem Globe Trotters, Pepsi center, photograph.

-2011- 4 Citizens, (NYC). Cultural interviews for European TV. 2M.

-2011-CP New York Language Institute. Directing voice-over.

-2011-The making of a giant cake for the Quebec City Winter Carnival. Filming.
-2011-Freelancing at Weblocal, Yellow pages. More than 200 videos filmed.
-2010- Garaga Industries. Testing on doors. Content for website. Filming. Editing.
-2010-Ap Industries, filming and editing Bedroom furniture building process.
-2010-Auberge St-Antoine, Price Family Reunion. Filming and editing., filming and editing tests in laboratory.
-2010-School and Employment Expo at Centre de Foire. Filming, editing.
-2010- Grand opening of HET industries and corporate video. Filming and editing.
-2010 Freelancer for Weblocal, YellowPages, Turnhere. More than 200 videos filmed. -2010- Experimental dancing at Complexe Multi. Filmed in HD.
-2010- Groupe Edelman, Disney's Penguin Club, filming and editing.
-2010-Drive Medical equipment. translation from english to french of webpage.
-2010-Techna Group inc. Translation and voice-over of instructional video for Montreal Police Force.
-2009- Photograph for 360 degrees photos of building for 3-D reconstitution.
-2009- Translation and voice over of children audio-book The Magic Tools, by Lorenzo Tyland
-2009 Promotional video for paintball team Devil's Brigade.
-2009- Construction corpo. The lifting and moving of a 150 years old house.
-2009-Quebec city race tracks. Photograph for horse races.
-2009-Advertising medical equipment for Anyware group at e-health in Quebec City.
-2009- 2nd skin rock contest: interviews with producers, owners and staff.
-2009- Freelancer for yellow pages videos on internet.
-2009- Interview, the art of international negociation. Student project.
-2009- Freelancer for AdVideo. Filming businesses on location for Over 100 videos filmed. active job.
-2009- Documentary in Alberta for construction contractors. Frenchy Drywall.
-2008- Actor, documentary, Seaborn Studios.
2008- Directing, filming, editing a documentary in Nepal.
-2007 -Translation, fashion designer Valentino documentary, Logic Works productions.
-Translation, short documentary VIRTUOSO FILM, Full Moon Productions.
-p.a.: Sometimes I can't make it alone. Song by MAE. Capitol Records. Prouduced by Pan-optic.
-p.a./translation: Danone's GRANY BAR commercial; 4 Citizens productions, NY producer Thierry Ngooh.
- p.a.: videoclip All Together Now, from TheGoStation, directed by John Carlucci.
-intern/p.a./stand-in at Rogue Post, NY,pre-production and production for the movie BLOOM. 3 months.
-editing internship for Creative Cities documentary. 6 weeks. -editing internship for Midnite Entreprises. 2 months. -Internship, My brother's keeper.Directed by John Zhin.
2006 -Internship at Mersy productions. New York. 1 month. Documentary. Translation, waver’s form.
-To be eternal. Drama. 8 minutes. Directing, storyboard, editing.
-Lower East Frank. Comedy. 1 minute. Directing, editing, acting. 16 mm film.
-Sadik Sergent. Drama. 2 minutes. Directing, editing, acting. 16 mm
-NYC. Documentary. 5 minutes. Directing and edited.
- The other side of the sea. Directed by Majid Tounsi. Soundman, production assistant.
-A Tribute to life. Photo montage. 15 minutes. Editing
-Sea Creatures: animal interlude. 2 minutes. Directing, filming, editing.
-2005 -The Funky World of Bees.Documentary. 15 minutes.
Directing, filming, editing.
-McPherson. Comedy. Writing.20 pages.
-Wake Surf 1-2.O’neill and Level 9 prods. Filming and editing.
-Chronicles of India. Documentary. 1h20. Directing, filming, acting, editing.
-2003-2004: -Laval University’s fashion show. 2hrs. Filming, editing.
-Cool Stuff 1-2. Breakdance and rollerblade. 20 minutes. Filming, editing.
-The House of the King. Documentary on Elvis Presley. Directing, editing.

New York Film Academy: Film directing course. 16 mm and digital, editing, writing.

Quebec’s School of Film and Television: Professional attestation in movie directing.

College Diploma: Laval University, Cinematographic studies, certificate.

Computer knowledge: Pc and Mac. Word Perfect, Windows, internet research tools, Final Cut Pro (10 years), Mac OSX, Adobe Premiere, Iphoto, IDVD, Toast Titanium, green screen animation.

2004: lumberjack
2001 to 2003: student job for Québec's pension funds.
-Get A Room Productions: Security guard, doorman and staff at music events.

Education Information: 
New York Film Academy: Film directing course. 16 mm and digital, editing, writing.

Quebec’s School of Film and Television: Professional attestation in movie directing.

College Diploma: Laval University, Cinematographic studies, certificate.
Training Experience: 

Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, Bowling, Camping, Computers, Cooking, Fishing, Hiking, Movies, Music, Photography, Reading, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Tea Ceremony, Travelling
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Address: Unit 303, Longhe Building, No.78, Anwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011 China
Telephone: 010-51697538 021-61900630 0755-61289740 Fax: 010-51697539
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