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Update: 2016-3-11
 Basic Information:
 CV No.:  14158   
 Gender:  Female
 Age:  23
 Country of Birth:  USA
 Nationality:  USA  Native Language:  English
 Current Residence:  Shenzhen  Chinese Level:  Basic Conversation
 Industry:  Advertising, Apparel, Food Services, Marketing, Other
 Detail Information:
 Desired Industry:  Advertising, Marketing, Customer Service  Education:  High School
 Desired Job Type:  Full Time  Major:  Mechanical Engineering
 Monthly Salary  Expectation:  Negotiable Yuan RMB/Month  Your total working  experience:  6 Years
 You want to say to  the employers:  
 Education Infomation:
University: University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

Time Period: 2012-2014

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Minoring in Biomedical Engineering.

Degree and Certificate (if have): Not yet completed.

 Working Experience:
Time Period: 2014-2015

Company: Fenda Technologies Co., LTD

Company Brief: Manufacturing of electronic goods

Job Position: Social Media, Marketing, and advertising

Responsibilities & Achievements: Named products such as the Paragon, Anchor, Triune,and Tux. Modeled on the company website. Editing for product information, catalogue, packaging,and website. Created the Facebook page and Twitter account for Fenda and distributors. Made awards for top distributors for the year 2015.

Time Period: 2012-2014

Company: Frieschskys LLC.

Company Brief: Frieschskys is a Men's Designer clothing store

Job Position: Shipping, Logistics, Customer service, and listing

Responsibilities and achievements: Listed items on company website and on Ebay. Photographed clothing for website. Logistics, inventory, and organization of stocked items. Created an efficient system for invoices and confirmation of receipt. Helped customers find products that best suited them and helped with customer satisfaction.

Time Period: 2011-2014

Company: US Army

Company brief: Military

Job Position: Medical logistics specialist

Responsibilities and Achievements: Inventory, stock, and disposal of expired medical supplies. Ordering and shipping of medical supplies. Supplying hospitals with much needed items. Also certified in combat life saving, and basic military training.

Time Period: 2010-2011

Company: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Company Brief: American restaurant

Job Position: Cashier

Responsibilities and Achievements: Handling money. Customer care and service. Checking food quality. Servicing tables.

 Training Experience:
I have been certified by the US military to do logistics, with a specialization in medical logistics. I am also certified in CLS, which is combat life saving.

 Other Information:
 Hobbies:  Computers, Movies, Music, Reading, Snowboarding, Video Games, Other
 Height:  160 cm  Weight:  56 kg
 Hair Color:  Red  Eye Color:  Blue
 Blood Type:  O  Astrological Sign:  Scorpio

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