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Update: 2016-3-14
 Basic Information:
 CV No.:  14180   
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  29
 Country of Birth:  Egypt
 Nationality:  Egypt  Native Language:  Arabic
 Current Residence:  Beijing  Chinese Level:  Basic Conversation
 Industry:  Aerospace, Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Education
 Detail Information:
 Desired Industry:    Education:  Doctor
 Desired Job Type:  Both F and P  Major:  Computer Science
 Monthly Salary  Expectation:  Negotiable Yuan RMB/Month  Your total working  experience:  7 Years
 You want to say to  the employers:  
 Education Infomation:
Study in School/College/University/etc: University of Science and Technology Beijing
Time Period: 2015-2019
Major and Minor:Computer Science and Image Processing
Degree and Certificate (if have): PhD

Study in School/College/University/etc: Arab Academy forScience, Technology and Maritime Transport
Time Period: 2009-2014
Major and Minor:Computer Science and Image Processing
Degree and Certificate (if have): MSc in computer science

Study in School/College/University/etc: Future Academy
Time Period: 2004-2008
Major and Minor:Computer Science
Degree and Certificate (if have): Bsc in computer science

 Working Experience:
Time Period: 6 months
Company or Organization: Development Solutions European Union
Company Brief:IT Solutions

Job Position: Research Assistance
Responsibilities & Achievements: ICT Officer

Time Period: 5 Years
Company or Organization: NARSS
Company Brief:Remote sensing and space Science
Job Position: Research Assistance
Responsibilities & Achievements:Data processing and receiving station affairs

Time Period: 2 Years
Company or Organization: Future Academy
Company Brief:Academy for Computer Science and information technology studies
Job Position: Teaching Assistance
Responsibilities & Achievement: teaching for computer Science Department students

 Training Experience:

 Other Information:
 Hobbies:  Computers, Music, Video Games, Travelling
 Height:  170 cm  Weight:  85 kg
 Hair Color:  ----  Eye Color:  ----
 Blood Type:  ----  Astrological Sign:  ----

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