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Update: 2016-3-15
 Basic Information:
 CV No.:  14192   
 Gender:  Male
 Age:  36
 Country of Birth:  Ukraine
 Nationality:  Ukraine  Native Language:  Russian
 Current Residence:  Shanghai  Chinese Level:  Basic Conversation
 Industry:  Engineering, Marketing, Electronics/Electrical Equip, Construction
 Detail Information:
 Desired Industry:    Education:  Master
 Desired Job Type:  Full Time  Major:  Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/electronic eng.
 Monthly Salary  Expectation:  Negotiable Yuan RMB/Month  Your total working  experience:  12 Years
 You want to say to  the employers:  stable work in / around Shanghai
 Education Infomation:
Study in University:KERCH Marine Technological University,
Time Period: 1997-2004
Major: Master's
Degree and Certificate: Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in "Exploitation of Marine Automation Systems" specialization. Master’s degree. Magna cum laude.

 Working Experience:
Time Period:2004-2016
Company or Organization: GAINS INC.
Company Brief:
Ship new building consultant/ advisor
Job Position:project from supervisor to site manager
Responsibilities & Achievements: • Project technical part negotiations prior contract signing;
• Plan approval of various plans, specifications, various procedures;
• Equipment Manufacturers selection, technical agreements appraisal;
• Optimization of procedures/ specifications in way of efficient practical application lowering costs;
• Site offices start-up, project/personal schedule planning;
• Daily Project Management, guiding and motivating team members;
• Trouble solving of resource, technical, quality, financial issues;
• Daily contacts/meetings with key persons of projects, quality control, design, production, safety & other departments of manufacturer, guiding and coordinating actions;
• Continuous verification that construction is in line with contract, technical specification, standards, rules, good building practice, proper Quality and within budget/time;
• On site inspections of hull construction, paint applications, machinery/electrical outfitting installations/testing, etc. from primary one to final stage of product’s delivery;
• Attendance of shop tests, mooring/ sea trials;
• Weekly/monthly reporting of progress, technical issues and expenses;
• Non conformity reports, comments lists, buyer supply items & delivery preparations;
• Surveys of product after delivery, guarantee claims management;
• Condition and purchase surveys;
• Maintaining of positive working environment within team and smooth cooperation with other involved parties (Head quarters, Class, Makers, Operational department, Agents, Suppliers, etc).

 Training Experience:
National Institute of Technology (Norway); Training, theoretical/practical courses of corrosion protection (Jotun factory).
FROSIO Certificate, red (level 3), No. 3851; LR New Construction course.

 Other Information:
 Hobbies:  Bowling, Fishing, Skiing, Travelling
 Height:  185 cm  Weight:  80 kg
 Hair Color:  Black  Eye Color:  Brown
 Blood Type:  A  Astrological Sign:  Leo

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