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Head Hunter Service

Our head hunting recruitment service is tailor made for your company to look for the exactly match candidate who can meet all your job requirements.


Here is the procedure how we provide service for you:

1.       Clearly understand all your recruitment requirement and search the candidates, our HR Consultant will interview the candidates first and shortlist a few candidates.

2.       After finding a few shortlisted candidates who meet your requirement including working experience, personal capability and personality, industry understanding, training and education, language ability, nationality etc, we will send the candidates’ resume and relative information to you, we also will introduce how we understand the relative candidates.

3.       When you agree to officially interview some candidates, we will arrange the relative interview procedure depend on the employer’s convenience.

4.       If some candidate passed the final interview we will communicate the contract issues.

5.       Recruitment service contract signed and the candidate start to work, our service initially complete.

6.       If the candidate leave the company within 3 months what ever any reason we guarantee provide replacement.


We will handle all the works, what you only need to do is interviewing and choosing the qualified candidates.



Please Contact us:


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Our skilled recruiting teams are true experts who are knowledgeable, skilled and highly experienced in supporting every stage of your recruiting life cycle.


What is a head hunter?
A headhunter is hired by firms to find talent, and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements, such as an executive with 15 years experience in a certain field. The term headhunter may also be referred to as an executive recruiter.


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