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Maths, IT & Science Teacher Needed in Changshu City



About the school

The original name of Jiangsu Province Changshu High School was established in 1938 in Hechuan County, Sichuan Province, during the War of Resistance against Japan. In 1946, with victory achieved, the school was mobbed to Changshu County, Jiangsu Province

Now the name is Jiangsu Province Changshu High School


We’re looking for a Maths, IT & Science Teacher, should starting working with us from Aug 20th, 2014


Job Title:   Maths, IT & Science Teacher  from UK/US/AUS/NZ

Base in:    Changshu city, Jiangsu Province (About 120KM from Shanghai)

Course:    Maths, IT & Science of GAC Foundation Course


About the students:

17-19 year old students who have graduate from the high school and 18 students for 2014



1/ From native English speaking countries, US/UK/AUS/NZ

2/ Over 5 years work experience in this field (Maths, IT & Science) with relative graduate certificate.

3/ Age: 26-65 years old


Working time:

5 working days a week from 8:00 am -17:00 pm (during the time no more than 4 lessons per day and 20 lessons a week for each lesson about 45-50 mins. Teach subsidies will be given if more than 20 hours )


About the salary:


Health Insurance coverage about RMB 1,450,000 yuan. The details will be attached in the contract


About the holiday:

Two-day weekend  (except during the recruiting time you need spare 1 hours to give the oral test for the potential students, not usual)

Other 10 weeks holiday with salary including 3 weeks for Winter, 5-6 weeks for Summer and other statutory holiday gathered about 2 weeks.


About the visa:

School will pay the visa fee, excluding the transportation fee and accommodation fee out of the city.


About the accommodation:

Accommodation on campus is free. It’s about 5 mins walk from teacher’s dormitory to classroom. And RMB 300 per month should be paid to school for your water and power expenses.(here also attached the pictures about the dormitory)

If you don’t want to live in the school. It’s about RMB 1000-2000 rent cost for two bedroom house in Changshu City.(Usually local people’s salary is about 2000-3000 yuan per month)



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