PetroChina Dalian pipeline oil spill
PetroChina Dalian pipeline oil spill 
At 18:58 on June 30, 2014, the new large oil pipeline being drilled drain line. 22:20, the fire was completely extinguished accident caused no casualties. 
After the accident, the responsible person in Dalian first arrived on the scene directing rescue, police, fire, environmental protection, safety, and other specialty vehicles sector organizations and personnel on-site disposal. Field command the evacuation of nearby residents pipelines flowing through regional organizations of all municipal departments culverts, culverts, rain water wells to conduct a comprehensive investigation to identify the scope of the disaster. The investigation, spill of crude oil into the rain municipal sewage pipe network, not the formation of the pollution of the water pipe network. Environmental protection department set up multiple air quality monitoring sites, ongoing environmental monitoring shows that, VOC (volatile organic compounds) exceeding 0.79 times, other indicators are normal. Currently, environmental protection, fire protection, planning and other departments are continuing to monitor the disposal of oil spill situation, the oil pipeline company is organizing the staff to clean up the oil spill accident recovery. 
Dalian municipal government has set up an accident investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the cause of the accident

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