Jack Ma Speech: Never shop on Taobao, Never use Alipay
Jack Ma Speech: Never shop on Taobao, Never use Alipay
June 30 message:
Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma on June 29 to participate in the graduation ceremony Tsinghua University in 2014 and made a speech. 
In his speech, Ma said the current IT world is moving from DT. IT is to take the initiative, so that I manage, DT is people-oriented, and strengthen others, to support others, DT thought that only someone successful you will be successful, which is a huge change of thought, there is this ideological transformation generated changes in technology, technical transformation. 
At the same time, he referred to his own entrance experience, "I was not very successful college entrance exam, a few years, one of my math that is true, the second test with 19 points, 89 points in the third year exam, but I never gave up. "
Alibaba Jack Ma Turning product, said he did not until today to Taobao shopping over a matter, have not used Paypal, but ears cocked to hear people talk about Paypal in the end good or bad, because with more will defend their products. 
For the future, Ma advice to graduates is three sticks, always adhere to the idealism of the first, the second to adhere to the spirit of play, third to adhere optimistic positive energy.

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