Architect Design Director (Also Shanghai Branch Lead) - Hong Konger or Chinese Welcome

Architect Design Director (Also Shanghai Branch Lead) - Hong Konger or Chinese Welcome



The brief of the company:

About H&P

Founded in 1980, H&P Architects, Engineers & Development Consultants Limited has experienced three decades of development, evolving from a small design company into a regionally recognized architectural, engineering, and property development consulting company under the leadership of its founder, In 2004, the company was listed 47 in UK published World Architecture magazine’s world’s top 200 architectural practices.

The company has its design footprint in more than 40 cities across six countries, having completed projects in Hong Kong, Macau, the Middle East, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Mainland China. These projects include large residential developments, hillside villas, public housing, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports and subway station-related development, universities, cultural centers, museums, and sports facilities totaling more than 70 million square meters of construction floor area.


Now, Our Shanghai Branch is looking for director, only Hong Konger or returnee Chinese are welcome for this job


He (or she) will be architect (design) director, and team leader of our Shanghai Branch



Office address: Middle Huai Hai Road (Close to South Huang Pi Road), Shanghai

Report to: Hong Kong HQ




1, about 40 years old, Hongkong permanent residents or returnee Chinese.

Master's degree in architecture from Hongkong or overseas university; Hongkong registered architect or China Class A registered architect.

2, familiar with business promotion (Marketing) and customer relationship management is preferred.

3, with work experience in Hongkong or Mainland (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou) well-known real estate development company or overseas architectural design firm, worked as a senior manager, with large design team management experience;

4, Strong creative ability and expression ability, have the construction drawing design experience, familiar with the relevant regulations of china. Experience in design of super high-rise building and BIM

5, with good professional quality and professional ethics, high sense of responsibility. Be dedicated and have team work spirit, with strong communication and coordination skills.


The best candidate:

1. Hong Kong registered architect, now work in Shanghai branch of Hong Kong companies.

2.or returnee Chinese, but must have been in Shanghai for more than three years.

3. Hongkong or foreign company's chief or deputy chief in Shanghai


If you’re qualified and interested in this job position, please send me your cv with picture:


Best regards




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