Advices for foreigners looking for job in China

Advices for foreigners looking for job in China





It’s much harder for foreigners to get permission to work in China, as Chinese government set new policies on getting work visa (z visa) Since May 1st, 2013


Here are some advices for foreigners who want to find job in china


1/ to obtain 2 years’ full time working experience

According to Chinese government’s new policy, to get work visa, you should have more than 2 years’ full time working experience, the same type or in same industry. We suggest that you get this kind of documents from your employer, before you come to China; or at least make sure that your previous employer can make such documents for you (they can deliver to you when it’s needed)



2 / to find the appropriate opportunities, access to senior certificates or skills certification (language certificate makes less sense, except that you want to find a language related job).

Certificates will not be too many, as long as it’s your professional related, or business related.

In China, when you apply for a work visa, you will find that the time you spent to obtain these certificates (or qualification), are all worth it, no matter how much time.

--- keep studying in your life, is always right!



3 / if you have already obtained permission to work in China, congratulations! But I also want to remind you - now there is a regulation, is likely to be more and more important in the future: in some industries, if you worked more than 5 years in China, and have no significant improvement on qualifications or job title, perhaps you will lose the possibility of continued to work in China, you should do some preparation on it, from now on.



4 / ask the visa agents for latest visa policy

Although this needs you time to get in touch with the visa agent, it is important and necessary.

You can tell them: An employer in China will offer me, but the employer has no experience on applying work visa for a foreigner, perhaps we will need an agent’s help, could you please tell me what I should do now



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