How to Find Part Time Jobs in China

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Here are some suggestions to help foreign students to find part time jobs in China


1/ ¡°Cold Visit¡± - Apply in person

When you walk on streets, you can see some ¡°Wanted¡± signs on the windows of some shops, that is it to say the shop is looking for full time or part time employees, as I know, most of the shops are looking for full time or part time workers, customer services and clerks, I¡¯s very popular in big cities in China. I suggest that when you see a shop with very good decoration, and with ¡°wanted¡± sign, you can walk into it, and ask whether you can have a try --- it¡¯s very useful!


2/ To find a part time job by some websites

Here is the popular job positing website list:






3/ Find job in your network

Sometimes job openings aren't advertised. Tell some of your friends, (including Chinese friends) that you are looking for a part time job.

The more friends you told this to, the more chance you access to a job.



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