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Job Position Information

Code: C6146
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: Shenzhen Mingyuan Entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd.
Working Place: Shenzhen
Office Address: 深圳市光明区凤凰街道南太云创谷园区1栋1605
Job Type: Part Time
Industry & Field: Business Services, Human Resources, Personal Services
Vacancies: 10
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 20,000 to 50,000
Phone Number: 18927414425
Contact Name: 匡伟鹏
Refresh Date: May. 23, 2023
Expiration Date: May. 30, 2023     Expired
Job Description: 
Recruit overseas talents for the company, help China introduce high-level talents, and complete various tasks assigned by the company, including but not limited to: 1. Search for overseas high-level talents 2. Help orders find foreign talents who need work visas.If you are interested in this and would like to know more, you can contact me directly, mobile phone number: 18927414425 (same number on WeChat) email: ***@***.***
Qualifications & Requirements: 
Possess good communication skills and be able to communicate well with high-level talents. It is best to have a master's degree. The job requires you to find some communication about fresh graduates with a master's degree and a freshman with a doctorate degree. Therefore, you need to have strong communication skills and a wide network of contacts.
Benefits & Welfare: 
Since the nature of the job is part-time, there is no basic salary, and the salary is mainly paid according to the level of talents discovered and the progress of completing tasks. The company will grant work visas (at least three months) to find other full-time jobs in China. For excellent employees, we will also grant long-term work visas in China and allow them to come to the company headquarters to work, and allocate corresponding talent housing and Paying social insurance, the company has clear promotion channels and has enough room for promotion.
Employer Introduction: 
Mingyuan Chuangfu is committed to providing entrepreneurs with follow-up services throughout the life cycle. At the same time, its main business includes but is not limited to: introduction of overseas high-level talents/investment attraction in government parks/project collection and undertaking of entrepreneurial competitions/providing human resources for overseas talents Serve.
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