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Code: C6157
Shopify Independent Station Social Media Operations Specialist
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: 致富空间网络(深圳)有限公司
Working Place: Shenzhen
Office Address: 深圳市南山区凤凰城大厦610
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: E-commerce, Film/TV/Multimedia, Internet
Vacancies: 3
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 7,000 to 16,000
Phone Number: +8613728888099
Contact Name: Andy Lee
Refresh Date: Jun. 2, 2023
Expiration Date: Jun. 26, 2023     
Job Description: 
【Job Responsibilities】:
1. Responsible for the daily operation of the independent station account, familiar with the independent station process, able to independently complete website operation, store management and maintenance, and formulate marketing plans;
2. Statistically analyze the sales data of new products, and be familiar with analyzing the status of the opponent's website, such as: the main source of traffic, the ranking of main keywords, the weight of the website, etc. Grasp market trends and adjust relevant strategies;
3. Know how to analyze competitors' pages, such as which pages the opponent's main traffic comes from, obtain competitors' materials, etc.;
4. Familiar with the combination of Google AdWords and product features, optimize SEO search engines, use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels to promote independent stations;
5. Search for keywords on the Yahoo shopping website, and find out the product titles that are suitable for finding peers;
6. Responsible for product copywriting, pictures, videos, shelves, optimization, etc. on the independent website;
7. Understand drainage operations, including paid drainage and natural drainage tools, source of material, PIN, YouTube website; order processing, logistics information, handling customer emails, etc.
Qualifications & Requirements: 
【job requirements】:
1. College degree or above, CET-4 or above, fluent in English reading and writing, majors in international economics and trade are preferred;
2. Work experience: more than two years of independent station operation and promotion experience, familiar with network marketing channels, rich experience in network promotion and Internet resources; understand Google Adwords, Facebook and other promotions;
3. Have a sense of responsibility, strong learning ability and communication ability, have keen data analysis ability, brand packaging and promotion ability;
4. Active in work, diligent and studious, have a strong interest in the operation of independent stations, and have their own thoughts and ideas;
Benefits & Welfare: 
Basic basic salary + performance bonus + performance commission + seniority allowance;
Company benefits: Unlimited free supply of company snacks, cup noodles and drinks (Sunday work holiday)
Go to the factory every Saturday afternoon for study, meetings, training, and other free time (to relieve fatigue and adjust the atmosphere);
Social insurance: social insurance (endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance);
Paid holidays: enjoy various statutory holidays (dragon boat with rice dumplings, Mid-Autumn Festival with moon cakes), marriage leave, maternity leave and other paid holidays;
Recreational life: Afternoon tea is held regularly (snacks, snacks and fruits are all available), birthday parties have gifts and greeting cards.
Other benefits: The company regularly arranges various activities, dinners, expansion, and professional training according to the needs of employees;
At the end of the year, there are commendation bonuses and year-end bonuses;
Development space: young team, relaxed and open management concept, the company has good skills training, a sound promotion mechanism and humanized management methods. For outstanding employees, the company will provide multiple promotion channels!
Provide highly competitive salary and generous bonus sharing system;
Working hours: The company implements a flexible working system, working hours are 9:00-12:30 14:00-18:00 with a 1.5-hour break at noon.
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