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Code: C6251
Wealth Membership Advisor
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: Time Machine Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Working Place: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Office Address: 中国北京亦庄经济开发区
Job Type: Full Time, Freelance
Industry & Field: Customer Service, Finance & Investment, Sales
Vacancies: 115
Salary: Negotiable
Phone Number: 18519882858
Contact Name: 王先生
Refresh Date: Feb. 26, 2024
Expiration Date: Mar. 19, 2024     
Job Description: 
Job Description
1. Service and development of potential family customers and new clients/channels, planning schemes, tracking customer needs until service implementation;
2. Management, maintenance, and in-depth needs of customer and services for existing customers;
3. Marketing, fundraising, and service work related to customer asset allocation;
4. Participate in various activities such as salons, cocktail parties, clubs, etc. on an irregular basis to expand the customer base;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the company according to regulations;
6. At least one year of working experience in finance and related fields with rich experience in customer service and development;
7. Familiar with basic knowledge of financial markets and relevant national economic and financial policies;
8. Possess certain abilities in obtaining customer needs and analyzing and designing family planning;
9. Possess good awareness of service, excellent communication skills, and team spirit;
10. Possess good oral and written expression ability, can conduct business promotion and customer salon activities.
11. Possess good personal morality and professional ethics; possess strong learning ability and enterprising spirit.

1. Develop and maintain relationships with club members.
2. Develop and maintain relationships with national agents of the company's club.
3. Maintain contact with foreign students and promote the company's brand and products.
4. Promote the company's overseas business and cooperate with agents to expand market share.
5. Report sales figures regularly to leaders and provide analysis reports on market trends.
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Qualifications & Requirements: 
1. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, able to build trust relationships with different people.
2. Familiar with foreign markets, with social circles in countries such as Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, covering various fields, not limited to online gaming, social networking, study abroad, tourism, e-commerce, and various industries, whether in real or virtual networks;
3. Some understanding of the overseas market and ability to handle simple business transactions.
4. Ability to think critically and solve problems, work under pressure.
5. Possess some self-motivation, actively pushing their performance.
6. Experience preferred but not required, capable of participating in team collaboration, working together to achieve goals.
7. Our working model is 007, which is a work system that operates on time, meaning that work can be done for seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This mode does not require employees to arrive at the office at a fixed time, nor does it require employees to complete work within a certain period of time, only requiring employees to complete their work tasks on time.

1. Utilize wealth planning principles, identify and capture business opportunities, and research wealth management strategies based on customer needs.
2. Provide professional and customized wealth member planning services for clients, including insurance, savings, investment, education for future generations, retirement plans, etc. Offer asset allocation and inheritance solutions for high, medium, and low-end clients.
3. Match client needs with the company's membership products and provide professional advice on solutions, assisting clients in completing application procedures.
4. Maintain good communication with clients, conduct maintenance and service tracking, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and ensure retention rate.
5. Achieve various performance targets such as client outreach, wealth planning, and new business indicators.
6. Actively develop interpersonal networks and provide business referrals for the team while maintaining a positive team culture.
7. Ensure personal and team activities comply with relevant laws and regulations and meet the company's standards and rules.
Benefits & Welfare: 
Salary and Benefits:
1. Salary includes base salary + bonus + quarterly award (1-70,000):
* Responsible basic salary: 1,0000 - 22,000 RMB, determined by performance results
* Additional bonus with responsibility: 60% of base salary for half a year (after probationary period, starting from the 7th month to the 13th month)
2. Company official employee position, enrollment with six insurances and two funds (supplementary pension + supplementary medical insurance)
3. Annual additional annuity ranging from 5% to 15%, additional issuance based on performance results
4. Annual leave + paid sick leave: 15-20 days
5. No punch-in card required, no need to come to the office, remote network office.
6. Year-end bonus and physical examination.
Employer Introduction: 
The company mainly engages in research and services on artificial intelligence computer applications, as well as membership services for family wealth appreciation.
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