Tea Shop Clerk (Customer Service) Needed in Guangzhou

Tea Shop Clerk (Customer Service) Needed in Guangzhou



About Uneetea 1546:

UNEETEA1546 is one of the core business sectors of UNEETEA brand, focus on getting the world classic good tea and unpopular niche tea in innovation and new technology and to glow the new, with original leaf tea, tea bag, cup tea, and Special tea gift box etc., make the tea culture to reconnect with the young consumer market.


1546 is the first year of Tibetan tea becoming brand. Tibetan tea, as the cultural exchange bond between the Han and Tibetan nationalities, it’s also one of the featured products of UNEETEA1546, which symbolizes the mission and determination of UNEETEA to link small tea leaves with the big world.



UNEETEA is a global, high-end tea brand Headquartered in Dubai, we aim to provide the world's classic tea products and high-end tea customized services for global consumers, and bring the ultimate tea consumption experience in a professional, fashionable, innovative and individual way.


Now our Guangzhou GTLAND PLAZA Shop is in great need of a foreign Tea Shop Clerk (Customer Service), lady from western countries preferred.



Tea Shop location (work place): Spring Plaza of GTLAND PLAZA, (at the crossing of Huacheng Avenue and Huaxia Avenue), Guangzhou, China



Job Requirements:

1. Good image and temperament, 18-32 years old.

2. Good communication skills in Chinese.

3. Have some sales ability and skills, friendly, good at communication

4. Love high-end tea shop job, have senses of responsibility, teamwork and customer service. Can work initiatively

5. Work seriously and follow the company's arrangement, procedures and rules.


Job Responsibilities:

1.  Store preparation: hygiene, products display, tea ware cleaning and decoration.

2.  Store daily operation work: receiving the guests, introducing products, brewing tea products for guests (taste the drink), selling products (including cashier), answering customer's questions, and to ensure the inventory and products’ display, collect customer information and questions and feedback in time, manage the fixed assets, put forward the operational suggestions and opinions.

3. Closing work of the store: cleaning the store, equipment and display, sorting out the store environment, replenishing shelf products, making sales, finance and inventory reports, and closing the business of the day.

4. Assist in daily promotion work: assist in distributing leaflets, attract customers into the store, taste drink and promotion activities, if the customer wants to take photos with us, do not refuse them if the requirement is reasonable.



Working hours:

1.       Currently, two shifts are tentatively scheduled: morning shift: 10:00-20:00; evening shift: 12:00-22:00. There are two hours' rest and meal time.

2.  Rest for 6 days every month, and the rest time is not fixed. The store staff will negotiate and decide according to the operation situation. Will work on holiday (If no special reasons)





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