Expatriate Actress (Full Time) Needed in Wuhan China

Expatriate Actress (Full Time) Needed in Wuhan China



About us:

Wuhan Times Comic King technology co. LTD. (TCK)

Wuhan TCK, founded in 2015, has the strongest writing ability in domestic animation field, formerly known “Comic King” magazine, made a series of IP based on the most popular domestic novels, has rich experience in adapting novels to comics.

At present, the company has the three original cartoon IP: "the pilot", "starting to be a star" and "my loyal dog zodiac", they are all in the top 10 on China mainstream comic platforms. At the same time, the company has established strategic cooperative relationship with more than 30 mainstream comics platforms at home and abroad to guarantee the promotion of the works.


The company’s adapted works "the supernatural hero", "the pictorial artist", became No.1 in the new work list within three days.

We have already finished 10 million RMB A round funding this year from iQIYI (almost every Chinese know iQIYI) and Pegasus Investment, the investment will be used in streaming media, expanding writer and painter team, the introduction of 3T (3D to 2d) technology, etc.



Job Position (recruiting): full time expatriate actress

Office: Wuhan city, the capital of Hubei Province, China



The job description:

1. Daily rehearsal

2. Online drama and online big film.

3. Publicity photo shoot.

4. Other group performances.




1/ White Skin (sorry for this requirement, it’s the requirement of the roles, while not the job)

2/ age 18-28 years old

3/ height 165-175 cm

4/ someone with dance foundation is preferred

6/ hair color: gold, red, linen (dyed hair also ok) – sorry for this requirement, this is the requirement of the roles.

7/ can work full time in Wuhan, China



Other information of this job:

Working hours:

1/ The training, practice and other informal filming time: 14:00- 22:00 pm, but not fixed when have formal shooting tasks.

2/ will rest no Monday, but will according to the schedule in formal shooting period


Salary and benefits:

1. Formal contract for 3-5 years.

2. Provide accommodation

3. fixed salary not less than USD 2,000 and will have performance fees.



We are responsible for the official work visa and work permit.


If you’re qualified and interested in this job, please send us:

1/ your resume

2/ 3 art photos and 3 daily photos

3/ tell us your height, weight and three data. (it’s the requirements of the roles you will take)


If you’re qualified, and interested in this job, please visit our website to apply for it:




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