German Business (Industrial Construction) Manager

German Business (Industrial Construction) Manager



About Our Group:


XDL Gourp was founded in Nov 2007. With years of development, we are now a diversified enterprise secialized in investment promotion advising, investment consulting, engineering design, project management, project construction, and industrial/real estate development. Based in Qingdao, our branches are located in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang and Kenya.


XDL has more than 200 employees, including 20 experts from Japan, USA, Germany, UK, France and Italy who intergrate our technical team.


XDL positions itself to be a constructor and are committed to build industrial facilities upholding the enterprise spirit of Provide First Class Service Workshop Engineering & Construction Services to the World. We introduce advanced Japanese & European engineering project management patterns and integrate it with domestic construction situations to improve service consciousness and management standards. We continuously win the trust from our clients by adhering to our service concept to Achieve the Utmost Satisfaction of Clients, by putting ourselves in clients places, and by targeting with Japanese & Euromerican standards but with Chinese local price.


Since the establishment of XDL, we have contracted for more than 230 foreign invested projects from 18 different countries, from which we gained quite rich construction experience. Our clients include International well-known enterprises such as Bridgestone, Aisin, Takaoka, Jusco, Global Express, Denso and TDK and more.


German Business Manager

Office: in Qingdao or Suzhou of China



This position is from the business department of the group, will mainly be responsible for participating in project negotiation and developing market business.




1/ Education: Major in construction engineering, construction project management related

2/ German, aged 30-50

3/ At least 5 years of construction experience is required. Experienced in process technology management or design management. As the person in charge, have presided over the negotiation of at least 2 engineering projects

4/ Quick thinking, strong insight ability, sensitive business awareness, strong analysis and judgment ability;

5/ Candidates with the working background of the same industry or party A company are preferred.


If you’re qualified, and interested in this job position, please visit our website to apply for it:



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