(Deep Groove Ball Bearing Cage Mold) Mechanical Design Engineer

(Deep Groove Ball Bearing Cage Mold) Mechanical Design Engineer



About us:

LXGEBC Technology Co., Ltd, LGEBC Factory is a professional bearing cages manufacturer, and it is famous for its large scale and premium brand. Since foundation in 1985, it had been developed steadily. Now we have thousands of workers, construction area is 99500㎡, total assets is 16 million US Dollors, and annual sales is 860 million sets.


The main products of our company are as following: Deep groove low-noise precision waved-shape bearing retainer (Nitriding & Stainless Steel), Tapered roller bearing retainer, Cylindrical roller bearing retainer, Angle contact ball bearing retainer, Thrust bearing retainer, and various kinds of brass retainer, etc. There are more than 2000 kinds of bearing retainers, ranging from 7mm ID to 1000mm ID. And all the products are famous for its high precision, low noise and long life span, etc.


Now we are developing bearing retainers that specially used for wind driven generator, which have been divided into two kinds, one is the whole circle and the other is segment. At present, the monthly production QTY for whole circle is around 1000 sets, and for segment is around 4000. We are ready to supply for all the wind driven generator bearing manufacturers, and we belive that we’ll make great contributions to the development of global environment protection & new energy.



Job position: (Deep Groove Ball Bearing Cage Mold) Mechanical Design Engineer

Office place: Shandong Province of China




1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in using CAD, Pro E, SOLID and UG software to make 3d animation

2. Proficient in the mold design of deep groove ball bearing cage (no burr, high-speed stamping, etc.), familiar with the installation and debugging of the mold, able to independently solve the problems in the debugging process, familiar with the common processing technology and equipment of the mold processing, and able to optimize the process on the production site

3. More than 10 years' working experience in the design of deep groove ball bearing cage


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