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Job Position Information

Code: C2600
Fashion Design Lecturer, Jewelry Design Lecturer
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: 深圳市米兰时尚设计培训中心有限公司
Working Place: Shenzhen
Office Address: 深圳市罗湖区南山区
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: Education
Vacancies: 50
Salary: Negotiable
Phone Number: 13924618526
Contact Name: Helen
Refresh Date: Jan. 28, 2017
Expiration Date: Feb. 11, 2017     Expired
Job Description: 
Milan Creative Fashion Design Academy is a Milan Fashion Design Training Center Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Investment and the educational institutions of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region legally registered, Milan International Fashion Design Institute in China Shenzhen Luohu Vientiane city and south coast city respectively, with t Milan Creative Fashion Design Academy he teaching area of 2000 square meters, 20 foreign nationality teachers and more than 30 Chinese nationality assistant, 500 students in reading. Due to the expansion of the scale of the college. Now we need to Europe and the United States and other first-class fashion design university recruitment of several graduation in majoring in fashion design or decoration design professional (assists design jewelry) Gao Cai was born as the Academy's costume design professional and professional jewelry design course teacher. Recruitment conditions are as follows:
Qualifications & Requirements: 
As a teacher of fashion design, you can join our teaching team, and provide high quality teaching to students with a team of multinational fashion design teachers. You must have good skills in fashion, fashion design, fashion design, and sewing.
As a teacher of jewelry design, you must be good at fashion painting and design, must be proficient in jewelry production process.
Benefits & Welfare: 
In our school, the teacher is the classroom teaching of the manual drawing. Therefore, every teacher needs a high painting skills.
Payment terms: RMB 10000-20000
1. Teachers will be able to pay. For example, clothing design teachers to teach the drafting or suspension, but also to teach Fashion painting, and then the salary will be the basic salary RMB10000 Plus bonus 3000or5000 yuan, but not more than 20000. These are the real income (the company will pay the high personal income tax) after tax. A teacher teaches 88 hours a month, if more than 88 hours a month, you can get 50 yuan per hour, if less than 88 hours a month, will be deducted 30 yuan per hour.
2. Work forty hours a week, 2 days a week. Can have Chinese traditional festivals. After a year of work, the teacher can enjoy seven days of vacation, the company will pay for her home to visit the plane ticket.
Employer Introduction: 
米兰国际时尚设计学院是深圳市米兰时尚设计培训中心有限公司与意大利布尔格时装设计学院合作创办的培养时尚时装设计高端人才的教育机构。该学院引进意大利时尚设计教育模式,将时尚时装设计长期的学习过程浓缩为高效率、专业化的短期培训,首开中国时尚教育之先河。其教学涉及时尚时装界的各个领域:时装设计制作、珠宝设计工艺鉴定,室内设计以及相关项目的市场推广、品牌运营、产品管理等。始终站在时尚最前沿的专业课程设置,为目前沉闷的中国时尚时装市场注入了新的活力。该学院设置的时装设计、高级定制、婚纱设计、童装设计、珠宝设计、内衣泳装设计、时尚插画、配饰设计、室内设计等多种专业和课程,直接与法国巴黎高级时装学院、伦敦圣马丁学院、意大利马兰欧尼时装设计学院、美国纽约帕森斯学院的专业要求相衔接,英、法、意、美的资深设计专家全程授课,为时尚学子搭起了直通世界顶尖设计学府的桥梁。 同时,该学院与世界顶尖的时尚品牌和国内知名的时装企业保持着密切合作,这为广大时尚追梦者提供了向世界展示自己的机会,为他们创造了广阔的就业前景。目前该学院拥有来自世界各地的时尚领域的外籍讲师20名,中方教职员工45名,深圳罗湖万象城、深圳南山海岸城两个校区教学面积2000平方米,在读学员528人,在打造中国“设计之都”的长路上,深圳米兰国际时尚设计学院正大步踏实前行!

Milan Creative is an education administration cooperated with Istituto Di Moda Burgo, Milan Creative is aimed at cultivating the elites of fashion design. The academy use the way in which Italy applies in fashion education for reference, condensing the long fashion design process into high-efficient, professional short-term education, serving as the precedent in fashion education in China. Milan Creative encompass all the fields involved in fashion world, such as fashion design, couture, marketing, product supervising, fashion & media, etc. The most up-to-date curriculum of fashion pour new energy into the Chinese fashion market. The Fashion Design Course, Dressmaking Course, Wedding Design Course, Children’s wear Course, Jewelry Design Course, Underwear & Swimsuit Design Course, Fashion Illustration Course , Accessory Design Course, Interior Design Course, are consistent with those of the EMSOD, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, ISTITUTO MARANGONI, Parsons School of Design. The designers from British, France, Italy, America will be the teachers in the whole process, this making the art students’ getting admitted into world-class fashion academy possible. Meanwhile, our academy closely corporate with the world-famous brands and the most outstanding domestic enterprises, providing the students with great opportunities in their careers. Up to now, there are 20 foreign lecturers, 45 Chinese staffs and 528 students. The two campus of luohu and nanshan cover 2000 On the way to the ‘Design Center’, Milan Creative is now stably walking forward!
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