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Job Position Information

Code: C3069
International Sales Director
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: Ningxia Wanboda Metallurgical&Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Working Place: India, Indonesia, Japan, USA
Office Address: China
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: Sales
Vacancies: 5
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 5,000 to 15,000
Phone Number: 13619577955
Contact Name: Mr.Zhang
Refresh Date: Jan. 22, 2018
Expiration Date: Jan. 28, 2018     Expired
Job Description: 
1、Develop and implement sales plan according to company's marketing target and guideline
2、Be responsible for the orders operation of foreign trade customer’s, and handle orders according to regulations (quotation, contract, task list, waybill, etc.) to ensure the smoothly operation of orders and make all right and no mistake.
3、Sales manager need to collect the payment timely according to the financial policy/contract terms and relevant provisions of export.And get the payment of goods safely and timely.
4、Responsible for the development of foreign new market and new customers,and increasing sales scope of products.
5、Responsible for the planning and execution of foreign sales activities
6、Attend foreign exhibition of carbon products,settle the information report,and offer feed back to company leaders timely.
7、Communicate with customers actively.and report the related information to company leaders.
8、Responsible for the foreign market research work which arranged by company, collect information actively, filter, track, coordinate, archive and manage. Be wellnoted of the sales situation and changes of demand from customers.
9、To be responsible for contract review and delivery of goods.
10、Establish customer files.
11、Other related work assigned by company leader.
Qualifications & Requirements: 
1)University degree, the priority major : International Trade, Business English;
2)Have good communication skills and writing skills to communicate in English;
3)Have strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, positive advancement, 
pleasant personality, team-oriented;  
4)Having more than 5 years of export experience, and sales resources is preferred, 
5) Having more than 5 years in the large export enterprises of foreign trade business management experience is preferred;
Benefits & Welfare: 
Salary : Basic salary + Commission + bonuses + attendance + end, specific negotiable;
Others : trial period of 3 months, signed a labor contract after the expiration of the trial, paying five insurance;
Employer Introduction: 
Ningxia Wanboda Metallurgical&Chemical Co.,Ltd. Is a large chemical company in ningxia. It has many production materials factories and a number of production lines, which are mainly chemical fertilizer and synthetic resin.
It mainly produces and sells polyvinyl chloride resin, flake alkali, dicyandiamide, silicon carbide and other metallurgical chemical products.
Company headquarters is located in the ningxia yinchuan, ningxia yinchuan, making, qingtongxia three production base, the company actively respond to the western development, support the construction of the west, relying on the local and surrounding resource advantages, resources comprehensive exploitation and utilization, the development of circular economy and is committed to be in order to realize the industry for the ideal of large private enterprises.
At the beginning of the factory, the registered capital was 50 million yuan, and the total investment was RMB 300 million. The team has 300 employees, including 40 senior engineers, 6 MBA senior management personnel, 40 bachelor degree and above, nearly 100 senior technicians. The factory covers an area of 200 mu, and the modern standard plant is more than 60,000 square meters.  
The factory is involved in chemical industry, specialty smelting, commercial trade and other fields. Relying on the advantages of local coal and limestone in ningxia, we will continue to develop and utilize resources and improve the efficiency of resource transformation. The main products are alkali, dicyandiamide, silicon carbide, PVC. It produces 55,000 tons of PVC resin, 55,000 tons of flake alkali and 100,000 tons of silicon carbide. 2012 became the complete chlorine-alkali chemical enterprise of PVC production system. In addition, factory production of silicon carbide also began in earnest, the existing four sic smelting furnace, a system of sand production line, a fine powder production line, a fine powder production line, smelting capacity 30000 tons/year, deep processing capacity of 15000 tons/year. Is a "quality management system", "environmental management system" and "occupational health and safety management system certification, is the only carrier in the northwest through the above three management system certification of silicon carbide enterprises, comprehensive, the scale of production and management level in the industry is the leading enterprise in the industry of silicon carbide.
In recent years, in accordance with the company development plan, dicyandiamide gradually extended to the advantages of products of the company, we rely on dicyandiamide scale advantages, technological advantages, using the existing mature marketing channel, focus on building on the basis of refined dicyandiamide, guanidine salts as leading the development of chemical and agrochemical products.
And through technical innovation, process innovation, realize the automation of cyanogen amine and downstream products, clean production demonstration line, gradually expand the production of melamine and its derivatives, to realize the extension of related industrial chain, will make for the global professional chemical products of the company suppliers and downstream products supplier. In addition, the company of 99% pure concentration alkali products and pianjian derivatives are also occupied the market dominance, alkali products are mainly used for making soap, textile, printing, dyeing, bleaching, papermaking, refined oil, sewage treatment, metallurgy, and other chemical industry, etc., and exports of Mali, the harder, Burma, South Korea, uzbekistan, Russia and other nations. The products pass the quality inspection and certification, the company provides export formalities and FOBCIFCFRCNF export documents, and the certificate of origin of the certificate of risk. COAMSDS and other English documents. Over the years the company by the high quality products, good reputation, good service, in line with "take honestly as this, the prestige first" the management policy to win the market, with many traders have frequent business and production enterprises.
We have a rigorous quality management system. We assure you that we can meet your strict requirements on product quality. We strive to be your most satisfied partner with integrity, strength and product quality. We have never provided the best products and services to our customers. We create not only the product, but also the good reputation, considerate service and quality guarantee! Your success is our pride!
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