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Job Position Information

Code: C3725
English teacher
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: LianYungang Longman International English
Working Place: Lianyungang
Office Address: 江苏省连云港市
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: Education
Vacancies: 2
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 9,500 to 12,000
Phone Number: 13815665410
Contact Name: Aurora
Refresh Date: Aug. 12, 2018
Expiration Date: Aug. 14, 2018     Expired
Job Description: 
Foreign Teacher job description
1、20 teaching hours per week.
2、Ages range from 3 years old to adult.
3、Chinese assisting teachers are present for all class except adult.
4、Classes take place in several campuses around the city.
The city is close to mountains and the sea ,low cost of living ,very easy to save money. Friendly and close-knit foreign community.
Cheap and accessible transportation . The city is not overwhelmingly large,but there are many shopping centers and restaurants.
Qualifications & Requirements: 
Applicants should have 2 years teaching experience.
Frist language is English.
If you frist language is not English,the diploma should get from the native language is English country.
Required undergraduate degree.
Need work visa.
Benefits & Welfare: 
RMB 9500-12000,per month.
Two days a week paid vacation.
Airfare subsidies,after a year of work.
Employer Introduction: 
Longman profile
Founded in 1724, longman has a history of more than 200 years. Since the world's first textbook on learning English, longman dictionary, the new concept English has been published and other textbooks that have influenced a generation of Chinese people.Longman has been involved in China's training industry since 2007.It is the largest education organization in the world.He spent $140 million on Wall Street English, Shanghai leining and Beijing dell.
Longman international English teaching features
All foreign teachers have small classes
Unlimited study time makes absence of trouble
A lively English social club
Internationally recognized education model
Personalized courses customized
An immersive learning environment
Perfect course tracking system
Curriculum system
• on-line Study multi-media preparation -- -through targeted listening, speaking, reading, writing, to strengthen the pre-class preparation to achieve full learning effect
•Private Classes ---1-4 foreign teachers' small Classes to ensure that students practice the knowledge in preparation, and fully carry out English conversation and consolidate English grammar through communication and error correction with foreign teachers
•Private Expansion Classes small class Expansion class --1-4 people further communicate with foreign teachers and practice of scene dialogue is also the extension of the small class review course and Expansion of knowledge
•Salons salon class -- no more than 10 students are led by foreign teachers in similar study group form, with more free topics, more lively forms and stronger interaction
• paid Classes optional courses -- including foreign and Chinese teachers' courses, foreign teachers will introduce western culture and customs, lead students to interpret the original films and conduct debate Classes, etc.Chinese teachers have comprehensively broken through English problems in the areas of weak links such as grammar and pronunciation that are unique to Chinese students
•ECA extracurricular activities -- meals with foreign teachers, shopping, sports...Learn English in real life environment and experience western culture in western traditional festivals
•Social Club, a Social Club hosted by foreign teachers, enables you to improve your English communication skills in interesting and interactive themed activities.You can participate in a wide range of collective activities, all activities can only be conducted in English, let you as if the country of English
Dear English teacher, our team are all from english-speaking countries. They have graduated from universities and have obtained international teacher certificates
Graduated from university of Ottawa, Canada, bachelor of social science, senior teacher, cheerful, enthusiastic.I taught English to students of all ages and helped them develop language courses for students with weak phonics ability. I was sent from longman headquarters to longman English school in lianyungang city.
Graduated from the university of Ottawa, Kansas to obtain TESOL certificate/TESL/TEFL teachers, teaching English to non-native students of various ages and literacy program, and to provide consulting services to the students in need, designed a dynamic course based on the results of education emphasis, cheerful and lively, longman headquarters sent to longman English school in lianyungang.
Graduated from the university of Pittsburgh with a education bachelor's degree and a TEFL teacher's certificate.With a good sense of humor and rich teaching experience, longman company headquarters sent to longman English school in lianyungang city.
English: graduated from xi 'an international studies university with a certificate of advanced English
•On-line Study多媒体预习---通过针对性的听、说、读、写、来强化课前预习,以达到充分学习效果
•Private Classes 外教小班课程---1-4人的全外教小班课,保证学员练习预习的知识,通过与外教的交流和纠错,充分进行英语会话和巩固英语文法
•Private Expansion Classes小班拓展课---1-4人进一步与外教交流及场景对话练习也是小班复习课程的延伸和知识的扩展
•Complimentary Classes选修课程---包含外教和中教老师课程,外教老师会介绍西方文化和习俗,带领学员解读原版电影,开展辩论课等;中教老师针对中国学生特有的语法、发音等薄弱环节全面突破英语难题
•Social Club外教主持的社交俱乐部---社交俱乐部让您在充满乐趣和互动的主题活动中提升英语沟通技能。您可以参加各种范围的集体活动,所有活动只能用英语进行,让您如同置身于英语的国度
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