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Job Position Information

Code: C4197
Secretary to the Chairman
This is a regular Job Posting
Working Place: Wenzhou
Office Address: 浙江省温州市龙湾区上江路198号
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: Secretarial/Administration
Vacancies: 1
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 8,000 to 20,000
Phone Number: 56611176
Contact Name: 叶小姐
Refresh Date: Aug. 29, 2018
Expiration Date: Oct. 27, 2018     Expired
Job Description: 
Job duties:
1, logical thinking ability is strong, will be basic statistical analysis;
2, have basic human resources management knowledge;
3, have basic administrative management knowledge;
4, planning and implementation capacity;
Assist in the development of internal communication procedures;
6, to assist in the construction of a performance system;
7, assist in ERP work;
8, assist in supervising the implementation of the transfer of the general manager;
9, have a certain degree of financial and legal knowledge
10, salary interview.
Qualifications & Requirements: 
1, can drive
2, bachelor degree or above
3, can speak French and English
Priority in the secretarial profession
Benefits & Welfare: 
1, five insurance one gold
2, staff training
3, staff travel
4, the end of the year award
5, promotion space is large
Contact number:0577-56611176
Employer Introduction: 
浙江彦林网络科技股份有限公司(以下简称“彦林”)成立于2005年8月26日,注册资本为8000万元。为国内、外鞋企提供设计开发、品控、跟单、物流、技术检测、鞋业贸易等供应链管理与综合交易服务。 自成立以来,彦林与众多成品鞋生产厂商、鞋材供应商、鞋机服务商、物流服务商等建立全方位合作关系,初步形成覆盖鞋业全产业链的交易服务体系,为欧洲CCC集团等国际大型鞋业零售商提供全球供应链服务,是鞋业供应链服务领域的领先企业。2009年,彦林成为“温州市外贸流通领域十强企业”至今;2010年,彦林成为温州市“百强企业”;2013年,彦林加入中国国际商会,历任常务理事、副会长、常务副会长单位。 彦林于2015年12月30日获准全国中小企业股份转让系统挂牌批复,2016年1月实现挂牌交易。彦林推动成品鞋设计生产一体化系统科技研发,致力于以产业标准化与柔性供应商体系建设推动全球鞋业供应链的垂直整合。彦林将成为国内资本市场鞋业供应链服务的“第一股”。
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Address: Unit 403, ZhongLian Building, No.88(A), Anwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011 China
Telephone: 400-780-1070    (Office) 010-64217250  021-61900630  0755-66810935     Fax: 010-64217809
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