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Job Position Information

Code: C4216
college English teacher
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: 山东理工职业学院
Working Place: Other City
Office Address: 山东省济宁市太白湖区荷花路6号
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: Education
Vacancies: 1
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 10,000 to 12,000
Phone Number: 15206732568
Contact Name: 张老师
Refresh Date: Sep. 3, 2018
Expiration Date: Nov. 3, 2018     Expired
Job Description: 
Teaching Class NO. per week: 16 * 45 minutes (45 min is our duration of each class)
Minimum Office Hours per week: 4Hours
Working Days per week: 5 days
Qualifications & Requirements: 
TEFL or TESOL certificate
Certificate of no previous crime records
Benefits & Welfare: 
Apartment condition and facility is above average standard with no charge and free utilities
No meals are offered
Spring Vacation and Summer Vacation with pay
Each class includes around 30 students with average age at 17
Employer Introduction: 
Shandong Polytechnic College, authorized by the People's Government of Shandong Province and registered in the Ministry of Education, is a full-time public polytechnic college with a history of 65 years. It is located in Jining City, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, covering a total area of approximately 700,000 square meters including 400,000 square meters building area. There are currently 860 faculty and staff, including 262 professors/associate professors with more than 16,000 full-time college students and over 200 international students from 35 countries.

The college has 15 departments, including but not limited to, the Business Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Optical Engineering Department, Chemical and New Materials Department, Software Engineering Department, Architecture Engineering Department, Automobile Engineering Department, Aviation and Navigation Department, and International Education Department,etc.

In recent years, according to the school development concept of “World Vision, International Standards, Characteristic Schooling, and Vocational Education to Serve the Country”, as well as the school-running philosophy of “Establishing School by Quality, Thriving School by Characteristics and Strengthening School by Talents,” we have developed a series of ways of running schools such as characteristic school-running, grouping schooling, and internationalized schooling as well as a combined school-running of production, teaching and Research.

In 2014, the college was approved as a pilot unit for educational informatization in Shandong Province. In 2016, it was approved as a special school for the training of skilled personnel in Shandong Province. In addition, the college was also listed as the first batch of non-material cultural heritage training pilot universities by Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Department of Education. In the beginning of 2017, it was also assessed by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture as the Shandong Provincial Cultural Creative Market and Creative Space Pilot School.

Moreover, the college also won numerous honors and awards. In 2017, we won the highest honor of China's photovoltaic agricultural colleges and universities -“China PV Agricultural University Innovation Award”. Other awards also include the first prize for the design and implementation of the photovoltaic electronic engineering in the National Vocational College Skills Competition, the second prize for the installation and commissioning of the Wind Power Hybrid Power Generation System, and the third prize for the “Engine Disassembly and Commissioning and Maintenance of Aircraft Engines”. Most importantly, in the competition of the National Vocational College Skills Competition held in 2018, the following three competitions have won the first prize: “New Energy Vehicle Technology and Service”, “Gemmological Identification”, and “Photovoltaic Electronic Engineering Design and Implementation”. The second prize has been won by “Accounting Skills” and "Wind and Solar Power Generation System Installation and Commissioning".

The college actively expands its foreign cooperation and exchanges, and has established deep-level cooperation with 65 universities and research institutes in Australia, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Taiwan and other countries and regions. In 2017, we were shortlisted for the Top 50 International Influencers among all Chinese Higher Vocational Institutions. In addition, the college has carried out five cooperative school projects, including the Sino-Australian cooperation school program for accounting majors, the Sino-German cooperation project for automobile testing and maintenance, the Sino-British cooperation project for computer application technology, the Sino-Singapore cooperation project for tourism management, and the Sino-Korean cooperation for visual communication design and production. By 2018, a total of 55 students had been sent to the University of Adelaide, Newcastle University, Southern Cross University, and TOP Education Institute for further study.

The college actively promotes the “Luban Craftsman International College” for countries along the “Belt and Road”. It has signed cooperation agreements with more than ten institutions in Mongolia, Indonesia and other countries, and actively carries out Chinese language, traditional Chinese culture as well as vocational education and training. It has attracted nearly 200 school principals and teachers’ representatives from Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia and other countries to successfully complete the course and receive the completion certificate. Since 2016, the college has initiated two sessions of the Confucius and Mencius Cultural Festival for overseas students in China, attracting heads of colleges and students from 38 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Zimbabwe to participate in the event.

In April 2018, an agreement was signed with Shandong Polytechnic College Overseas Campus, and it has since formally settled in Australia. The branch campus adopts the model of co-construction with Australian universities to create a new pattern of international education. The two sides will jointly conduct personnel training and teacher training in various fields such as aviation, accounting, and computer science, and seek mutual development of international education on the basis of mutual learning.
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