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Job Position Information

Code: C4521
International Schools and Public Schools Jobs 2019
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: YouTeach
Working Place: Guangzhou, Chongqing
Office Address: Chongqing
Job Type: Full Time
Industry & Field: Education
Vacancies: 10
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 15,000 to 23,000
Phone Number: 13883689561
Contact Name: Jeffrey
Refresh Date: Aug. 1, 2019
Expiration Date: Aug. 4, 2019     Expired
Job Description: 
The Following Jobs start in the next 4 months.
International School Jobs:
FUZHOU, FUJIAN - International School (Ref #: FJFZ-10)
Salary: 16000-20000 RMB before tax
Housing Allowance: 2500 RMB

JINAN - Public High School (Ref #: SDJN-17)
Salary: 15000-35000 before tax
Subject: English Biology History Physics

ZHENGZHOU - International School (Ref #: HNZZ-26)
Salary: 16000-25000 after tax
Subject: English
Accommodation: Free housing

DONGGUAN - International School (Ref #: GDDG-06)
Salary: 11000-20000RMB before tax
Housing Allowance: Housing Allowance 1000 RMB per month

HANGZHOU - International School (Ref #: ZJHZ-20)
Salary: 12000-18000 after tax
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment
Housing Allowance: OR 3500RMB

FOSHAN - International School (Ref #: GDFS-05)
Salary: 15000-20000 before tax
Housing Allowance: 1600 RMB

LUZHOU - Training School - Kindergarten (Ref #: SCLZ-02)
Salary: 16000-18000
Accommodation: Free housing

GUANGZHOU - International School (Ref #: GDGZ-14)
Salary: 15000-25000RMB
Accommodation: Free housing

BEIJING - International School (Ref #: GGZ-02)
Salary: 12000-20000
Accommodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment

CHONGQING - Fine Art Teaching Job in Kindergarten (Ref #: CQ-20)
Salary: 15000-18000after tax
Subject: English
Housing Allowance: 2000

CHONGQING - International School (Ref #: CQ-27)
Salary: 15000-18000 before tax
Accommodation: Free apartment

SHIJIAZHUANG - International School (Ref #: HBSJZ-19)
Salary: 11000-18000RMB after tax
Accommodation: Yes, Fully Furnished

Public School Jobs:

XUCHANG - Public University (Ref #: HNXC-01)
Salary: 8000-15200 RMB before tax
Subject: English
Workload: 16-28 classes

TANGSHAN - Public High School (Ref #: HBTS-09)
Salary: 15000-18000 after tax
Workload: 20hrs

NANYANG - Public University (Ref #: HNNY-03)
Salary: 8000-10000 before tax
Workload: 16-24

ZHENGZHOU - Public High School (Ref #: HNZZ-21)
Salary: 14000-17000 before tax
Workload: 20 teaching hrs+ 5 office hrs

NANYANG - Public University (Ref #: HNNY-01)
Salary: 8000-10000 before tax
Workload: 20 classes

CHANGCHUN - Public University (Ref #: JLCC-10)
Salary: 8000 RMB
Workload: 18 classes

QUANZHOU - Public High School (Ref #: FJQZ-07)
Salary: 16000-18000
Workload: 20 classes

XIAMEN - Public Middle School (Ref #: FJXM-15)
Salary: 12000
Workload: 20 classs
Flight: 8000RMB

NANCHANG - Public High School (Ref #: JXNC-17)
Salary: 15000-23000
Subject: English science engineering
Workload: 20 Classes
Flight: 8000

TAIYUAN - Public University (Ref #: SXTY-06)
Salary: 12000-15000
Workload: 18 classes

XIANGYANG - Public University (Ref #: HBXY-03)
Salary: 10000-12000
Workload: 16 Classes

BEIJING - Public University (Ref #: BJ-09)
Salary: 10000-14000 before tax
Workload: 16-18 classes

CHONGQING - Public University (Ref #: CQ-16)
Salary: 7300-9300 before tax
Subject: German
Workload: 16-20 classes

CHONGQING - Public High School (Ref #: CQ-08)
Salary: 12000RMB after tax
Workload: 18-25 classes/week
Qualifications & Requirements: 
2+ years working experiences is preferred
Benefits & Welfare: 
If you are ready to apply for any jobs through us ,Please send those in before we can complete your application. The needed items include the following:
1) TESOL (if available)
2) Resume
3) Highest Degree held
4) Reference Letters
5) Current Photo
6) Copy of Passport
We have over 500 positions available in mainland China for the coming season, Get to talk to your Horizon Rep. soon , we will provide you details job opportunities and efficient job hunting solutions.

*opened for non-native speaker*
Employer Introduction: 
Want to fulfill your dream of living overseas and having an income at the same time? If you like to travel, teach, earn and look forward to a new and exciting life abroad experiencing amazing new cultures, Consider YouTeach!
• Get to see the real China as a valued English teacher, teaching China’s next generation and exploring the amazing sights in your spare time.
• China welcome travelers to explore beautiful destinations while offer you a comfortable income.
• Teach English is the perfect way to get to know new communities, contribute to the community like a local, and get paid while doing it.
Each year YouTeach sends more than 100 teachers to China for teaching, professional development and culture enrichment in destinations around China. We work alongside a large number of trusted partners in China to find a teaching job fits your individual needs best in one of the many exciting destinations. Through teaching in those schools it both enhance your culture understanding and develop professional skills in a global setting.
Through YouTeach agency you have the opportunity to go to China being ESL teachers. YouTeach helps match you with schools that best fit your individual needs.
If you don’t know where to start teaching English, YouTeach has your back.
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Address: Unit 403, ZhongLian Building, No.88(A), Anwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011 China
Telephone: 400-780-1070    (Office) 010-64217250   021-61900630  0755-66810935     Fax: 010-64217809
Email: 京ICP备13019686号-6
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