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Job Position Information

Code: C6074
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This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: Guangzhou Huiying Pusheng Information Consulting Co., LTD
Working Place: Guangzhou
Office Address: 广州市天河区黄埔大道西191号
Job Type: Full Time, Part Time
Industry & Field: Entertainment, Film/TV/Multimedia, Internet
Vacancies: 2
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 30,000 to 45,000
Phone Number: 19876661587
Contact Name: 王先生
Refresh Date: Nov. 3, 2022
Expiration Date: Dec. 23, 2022     
Job Description: 
1. Carry out live streaming on overseas platforms
2. Introduce and promote products according to customer requirements
3. Follow the photographer's requirements and suggestions with the help of a professional photographer
4. Interact with fans in the cinema, maintain and improve the good atmosphere in the cinema, and guide fans to consume;
Qualifications & Requirements: 
1. Freedom of education, nationality and language. Translation software can be used for communication
2. Two women, ages 18 to 35
3. Regular features, good figure, lively personality, good at creating atmosphere
4. The working hours are eight hours a day, usually at noon after lunch. Wages can be settled daily and paid daily according to working conditions
5. Candidates can download the Potato and add nmdhd1990
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For Android :
The apple version:
Android version free download, Apple version own Baidu download or purchase.
Or add it on wechat 19876661587. Or add qq2557621844
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6. The working place is Guangzhou
Benefits & Welfare: 
Basic salary plus commission, minimum 1000 RMB per day, negotiable. According to the daily work content payment, can be daily, weekly, monthly payment, part-time can also. The rest time is flexible and can be rested when there is no activity
Employer Introduction: 
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