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Code: C6281
Achat à temps partiel de calculs biliaires bovins (télémarketing contacter le boucher)
This is a regular Job Posting
Employer: Hongkong Commodity Import and Export Co. Ltd (Cattle Gallstone:VET LC.&Viscera Slaughterer)
Working Place: Guangzhou
Office Address: 广州市广州南站附近
Job Type: Part Time, Freelance
Industry & Field: Agriculture, E-commerce, Procurement/Purchasing
Vacancies: 3
Salary: Monthly Salary: RMB (CNY) 1,000 to 50,000
Phone Number: 13973130849
Contact Name: 旷先生
Refresh Date: Apr. 15, 2024
Expiration Date: May. 31, 2024     
Job Description: 
Chapter 1 Part-time Positions, Responsibilities and Recruitment Process (About the collection of cattle gallstones in cattle offal by slaughter workers)
The first item is to recruit a part-time purchasing manager (ox gallstones):
possess the professional convenience of a (cattle slaughterhouse) slaughterer or cattle veterinary officer; combined with the primary source of hundreds of goods (ox gallstones) from the purchaser’s employer company (my Chinese company) position, suppliers (mainly slaughterhouse workers and veterinary officers), find and develop more first-hand sources of goods (ox gallstones) suppliers; have the ability to guide, supervise and control suppliers (sellers) and the guarantors provided by the sellers, and complete , further collect primary supply sources, sign sales contracts for ox gallstones, remotely accept (witness in person), payment security and other core tasks and perform core responsibilities;; A purchasing manager may contact and supervise 300 to 500 cattle slaughterers (slaughterers who have direct contact with cattle offal and are also sellers of cattle gallstones). Under normal circumstances, each slaughterer (seller) will meet every year. There is a supply of 0.2Kg and 0.5Kg natural bovine gallstones. Under normal circumstances, a purchasing manager will have a supply of 60Kg~250Kg natural bovine gallstones in a year (the sales volume of a slaughterhouse corresponding to a purchasing manager). After estimation and accounting , the performance bonus of the purchasing manager is very high and considerable, probably around 5,000USD to 120,000USD per year (subject to the final calculation of the Chinese company's performance bonus accounting system); this position is a part-time job and does not require a fixed shift. , there is no fixed salary, only high or low, or no performance bonuses, which are determined based on each person's ability and efficiency; if you are interested, please send your resume to ***@***.*** and write down your The identity information and contact information of six highly respected friends for our background check: local religious leaders, government cattle veterinary officers, government officials at mid-level or above, well-known scholars in the veterinary industry, owners of large-scale legal cattle slaughterhouses, ten years old One representative from each of the above cattle slaughterhouse foremen;
Chapter 2 Performance Bonus System for the Purchasing Manager Team;
Second, recently, the performance bonus system for the purchasing manager team has been simplified as follows;
1. The salesperson signs a scanned copy of the five-year framework contract for the purchase of natural ox gallstones; the performance bonus of the purchasing manager team is 2USD~5USD for each contract---(need to be accompanied by various detailed identity information certificates of the seller. In the past, cattle Gallstone transaction records, contact information, and a respected guarantor familiar to the seller--it is also part of the purchase contract funds. The receiver and custodian of part of the time must be a local religious leader, a cattle veterinary officer, or a middle-level government official or above. , well-known veterinary scholars, large-scale nomadic tribe chiefs or large-scale cattle farmers, large-scale cattle slaughterhouse owners, cattle slaughtering foreman for more than ten years, the identity information and contact information); the contract must reflect the identity of the seller and the buyer. Acceptance system, price system and payment schedule system, seller's liability for breach of contract, forms of litigation and evidence collection.
Qualifications & Requirements: 
2. The salesperson, for the first time, remotely communicated through video and photos (combined with the real slip of paper display---the slip of paper must be written with the real-time date, the salesperson himself, and the purchaser ( (Chinese company) name; PS false display cannot be used) to show the purchaser various ox gallstone dry goods (or wet goods), the sales team of each set of contracts, and the performance bonus totals 2USD~5USD----for each set of contracts Salespeople only get one chance like this;

3. Through the remote video system, in the office of the international express company designated by us (the purchaser) (the city where the seller is located), the seller will witness the representative of the guarantor (ox gallstones, in five copies, and the sample will be retained , as if the goods are fake, they will be used for subsequent judicial appraisal). After the preliminary acceptance of the small batch, they will be weighed and measured, and the international express will be sent to Hong Kong. After the international express delivery order is issued to the purchaser, the purchasing manager team will receive a performance bonus of 50USD~ 200USD/Kg natural dried ox gallstones;
4. After the international express parcel with bovine gallstones has been declared by Hong Kong Customs and passed the inspection and acceptance by the Chinese company (purchaser) in Hong Kong (bovine gallstones), the purchasing manager team will receive a performance bonus of 200USD~800USD/Kg natural Dried goods for ox gallstones (accepted);--(After the Hong Kong Customs, the office of the Hong Kong International Express Company conducts video surveillance, preliminary inspection and acceptance, and samples are taken and sealed in five copies to prepare for future judicial appraisal if there are fake goods);
5. After the purchasing manager submits the pre-qualification of the Chinese company (purchaser), the approved sellers with first-hand sources of goods include slaughterhouse workers, slaughterhouse and veterinary officers, large-scale cattle farm owners, (cow offal, stomach, salt-wet cowhide) Offal Omasum Salt Cowhides and other purchasers, mainly; does not include social software, their professional background is not the above-mentioned occupations, only rely on forwarding downloaded pictures for marketing, fourth-hand or fifth-hand virtual salespeople; does not include these second-hand dealers ;
6.In the process of gradually establishing mutual trust in the payment link between the purchaser and the seller, the cost of the early transaction (purchase) is divided and dispersed, and the purchaser transfers it to several guarantors provided by the seller ( A respected friend of the seller); after the goods are inspected and accepted in Hong Kong, the guarantor will pay the fee to the seller. For example, during the early transaction, the seller provided natural ox gallstones. In the office of the international express company, there were also five to seven guarantor representatives to supervise the delivery of the express (and randomly pick up ox gallstones on site). Sample, in five copies; for future judicial inspection and judicial arbitration), after remote video acceptance and weighing, the price of the goods is 10,000USD, we will divide the cost into five, we will pay 2000USD to each guarantor, etc.

Benefits & Welfare: 

Part-time Purchasing Manager Recruitment Brochure (mainly telemarketing, the employer provides most supplier contact information)
Part-time Job: Purchasing Manager Team Cattle Gallstone : Recruitment and Performance Bonus;--Perhaps the annual performance bonus is around 5,000USD --- around 120,000USD.

Recrutement de télémarketing à temps partiel: (En fait pour l'achat à temps partiel, les frais d'achat et les coordonnées de source d'approvisionnement de l'offre, nous offrons): à la maison, il est également possible d'obtenir des dizaines de milliers de dollars par mois à temps partiel, même pour la fin de l'école secondaire, aussi longtemps que vous utiliserez des logiciels sociaux tels que Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., aussi longtemps que vous êtes prêt à être contacté avec diligence, les bouchers de pays anglophones où nous vous donnons le numéro de contact: travail à temps partiel, contacter les bouchers de bovins (en particulier les bouchers de salle d'abats bovins) dans les grands pays de l'industrie bovine (France) via un logiciel social (et de nombreux appels vidéo), en tant que fournisseur, fournir nos calculs biliaires bovins (nous payons directement aux bouchers) et demander aux boucher Nous pouvons vous donner des milliers, voire des dizaines de milliers de numéros Facebook et WhatsApp de ces fournisseurs (bouchers); Vous contactez 500 bouchers qui abattent chacun 1 500 bovins par an, chaque boucher peut vous apporter 3 kg de calculs biliaires bovins par an; En théorie, les 500 bouchers que vous contactez, chaque année, vous apporteront 1500 kg de calculs biliaires bovins; Le total peut vous donner 200 USD de bonus de performance par kilogramme * 1500 KG = 300 000 USD de bonus de performance. Intéressé à contacter l'employeur; Cattleman Apsyrtus, Email: ***@***.*** .com, ***@***.***, Whatsapp 0086 131 5266 4699, -WA ( / FB (; Wechat 0086 139 8416 9136。
Employer Introduction: 
Part-time telemarketing recruitment: (actually for part-time procurement, procurement costs and supplier contact information, we provide): It is possible to earn tens of thousands of USD a month part-time at home, even if you graduate from high school, as long as you can use Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. to socialize Software, as long as you are willing to contact diligently, those butchers in English-speaking countries who we will give you contact numbers: work part-time, contact through social software (and multiple video calls) to the big cattle-raising countries (the United States, Australia, South Africa, Western Europe, Canada) The cattle slaughterer (especially the cattle slaughterhouse slaughterhouse), as the supplier, supplies us with cattle gallstones (we pay the slaughterer directly) and asks the slaughterer to send the cattle gallstones to Hong Kong, China; we can provide them to You have thousands or even tens of thousands of Facebook and Whatsapp numbers of such suppliers (butchers); you contact 500 butchers, each butcher will handle 1,500 cows a year, and each butcher may be able to bring you 3 kilograms of cow gallstones; theoretically, the 500 butchers you contact will bring you 1,500 kilograms of cow gallstones every year; the total may bring you a performance bonus of 200 USD per kilogram * 1,500 kilograms = 300,000 USD performance bonus . If interested, please contact the employer;
;Cattleman Apsyrtus, Email: ***@***.*** .com, ***@***.***, Whatsapp 0086 131 5266 4699, -WA ( / FB (; Wechat 0086 139 8416 9136。
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