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12 most popular job websites in China


12 most popular job websites in China




With the development of China's economy in recent years, China has become the world's second largest economy. More and more foreigners are coming to China to find jobs, unlike 10 years ago, foreigners came to China mainly to experience China’s difference from the rest of the world, such as culture and lifestyle. The foreigners who come to China today are more involved in China’s economic development and seek their own professional development.

Many foreigners have already lived China as their home, or already have family in China. For foreigners, China has changed from an unfamiliar and changing country to a part of the whole world, participating in the development of the world, and to a large extent, affecting the development of the world.


Now we introduce some websites to foreigners who want to apply for jobs in China.






China Job

This website belongs to the China Foreign Experts Bureau. It was launched in 1998. This website is supposed the earliest of  foreign talent websites in China. The main business model is the foreigner job fair, their business model is both offline and online. Many job fairs they host are very influential in China.

This website is operated in Beijing.





China Semester

The website was launched in 2005, one of the earliest websites for job hunting and Chinese employers‘ recruiting foreigners, main business are foreign talent headhunting services, job positings and talent inquiry services.

This website is also operated in Beijing.





Job Site China

This website also has a good history, it was launched in 2005. At the beginning it’s website was languageteaching, the main business is foreign teacher recruitment, from 2006 their main business began to cover all categories of foreign talent recruitment, the website name was switched to Jobsitechina. Their services are online recruitment, talent search and foreign talent hunting services. Some articles of this website concerning foreign talent salary and job trends are worth reading.

This website is operating in Beijing and Shanghai.





Foreign HR

The website was launched in 2006 and is also a long-established website. The main business model of this website is the hunting service, also providing consultation service for foreign talent recruitment.





E China Cites

This comprehensive information portal was launched in 2008. Echinacities intended to be the information classified of major cities in China, lately it changed to foreign talent recruitment, now foreign talents recruitment services have become one of the main parts of this website. This website provides job information and recruitment service.





Hired China

Compared with the previous websites, this website is relatively new. It was launched in 2014. The development of this website is relatively fast. It’s operated in Shenzhen. At present, the model of this website is being explored, and there are frequent changes. Compared with above mentioned websites, this website has no architectural restrictions, so the technology used is quite new, therefore the employer can refresh job positions just by clicking and position updated faster.





Job Lead China

The website was launched in 2016 and it is quite new. It has made great efforts in Internet advertising and is knowed by many people quite quickly. The service of foreign talents headhunting is their main direction.




China Expat

The website was launched in 2014, offer a rewards for recruitment is its characteristics. The website is operated in Wuhan. We believe that with the development of the Midwest of China, this website will have more development in the future.





Ping Wai Jiao

The website was launched in 2014, the main direction of the website is the recruitment of foreign teachers. Foreign teachers are the largest demand in foreign talents, however, staff turnover is very fast in this field.






This website was launched in 2016, mainly engaged in online recruitment and the headhunting service. This website is operated in Chengdu. At present, their development of Chengdu-Chongqing area is very fast. We believe this website will have rapid development in future.






A website that provides various information for foreigners living in Beijing. However, this website has a section dedicated to job hunting and recruitment. The daily information update is fast and the website has massive job position  information.





(Because this site must be registered to take screenshots, we do not provide picture here)

The well knowed job website worldwide. The technologies used on this site are advanced and it has massive accumulation. There are still uncertainties for some usage by local Chinese users because of policy. The charging mode of the website and the location of the job posting have many restrictions before, this problem seems to have been solved now. Because it is from abroad, the cost of using this website is much higher than domestic websites.



Other websites originated from other countries are not introduced here, as the different usage habits, domestic users need time to familiar with them. In addition, the cost of recruitment in china is much lower than other countries, the cost of online publishing recruitment information from foreign websites is several or dozens times compare to local websites.

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