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About Jobsitechina


About JobSiteChina



Building Our Clients’ teams is our full time job


Job Site China provides an enterprise-class recruiting solution for all companies: we give you the expert recruiting staff, a patented process and methods, and an end-to-end recruiting infrastructure that puts you on the playing field with the world’s top companies.


We provide a fully managed solution and an end-to-end recruiting service, allowing you to focus on your core business and rely on us to deliver the top talent.


What Makes Us Tick


Job Site China was founded on the simple concept that there has to be a better way. With the billions of dollars invested in recruiting technologies, the clients in the hiring process—the hiring managers and candidates—have seen no measurable improvement in experience or results.


For the hiring manager, Job Site China provides high-touch and efficient service. No more shuffling through stacks of unfiltered resumes or spending countless hours interviewing candidates that are not a good fit. We work with you throughout the process to define the talents, skills, knowledge and abilities of top performers and manage the process for you from start to finish. For more than half of the jobs we support, we will present the candidate you ultimately hire in 8 days or fewer. As a result, our hiring manager satisfaction rates are double the national average.


We believe completely that the Job Site China solution is more than efficient and effective, it is a better way.


We also take confidentiality seriously and will not release or make your information available to any other party without your direct approval.




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